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Thread: Blue lake Nissan/Datsun 30th year Portland oregon

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2014-06-29 04:57:00
Blue lake Nissan/Datsun 30th year Portland oregon

Time is coming up again, august 10th 10-3:30pm (or whenever everyone leaves) Fairview oregon, right outside portland at Blue Lake park. If you need directions look them up online.
2014-07-01 00:23:15
2014-07-03 05:19:22
Ill be there.. the red dragon might be a few extra colors this year tho lol
2014-07-03 19:57:02
Can't make it...... Byron did it again this year Dan
Clash of the shows on the same date.....
2014-07-05 06:32:09
I dont understand why byron keeps doing this, especially when i gave him the date of our show again last year right after he did it the first time. Were not changing our date after 10 years of being the 2nd sunday, and hes the only one who seems to not communicate with the other shows to not double book. We have nwz, and other clubs contact to make sure were all on different dates, getting a bit frustrating because me and the wife want to bring Art back up to canada and be able to visit where arthur had his ashes spread, the corner he stood on selling poppies, yet we cant do that because of this double booking of the show. If he does it again next year im going to get very upset about it because its just wrong to do something like that to other shows. It divides the people that come down from north to ours, and the people that come up from down south to you guys. It makes both of our shows smaller than they should be . Just dissapoints me i even got my enhanced Driver License so i could get into canada with no issues or passport and once again it was for nothing.
2014-08-11 00:34:05
had a good time as usual, even won a buncha shit this year! a Datsun hat, a starter for my truck tho it dont need it yet. some door pins for idk maybe my truck?, a pair of tail gate handles , 2 hot wheels, some gojo hand cleaner and i think thats it, def worth what i paid for the raffle tickets! or was that some kinda hint hint get your truck outta the bushes shit DAN? lol

2014-08-11 04:51:10
Sorry guys I had family time planned for oaks park already.
2014-08-11 06:04:03
Was some hint hint.

SOme guy is complaining on facebook that a cube won 2nd place for paint Kind of ticked me off. Do alot of work to make sure no cars get multiple awards after people complained of that af ew years ago lol. Guess new cars cant win trophies . The couple is older, disabled, and yet still keep their krome cube looking brand new fora 08 model. I told the guy how would you like if someone bitched about you winning something if you had? Just some peoples balls man i swear.
2014-08-12 02:18:00
Dan you are always mad about something. Chill out man.

Looks like the SR20 crowd was a bit thin. Even more motivation to get another one. Looking good.
2014-08-12 04:08:25
i see your last b13 all the time, appears to be doing well..
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