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Thread: CL find PDX

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2015-05-09 20:09:37
Its always an egg thats gotten rammed from behind with you though Burt. I'm curious about that.
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2015-05-10 00:15:13
Welp, got rear-ended in an Egg in 2009 and have had a bad back since. Kindred spirits perhaps.
2015-05-10 17:41:15
Wha bout this?

1993 Nissan NX for sale
2015-05-10 17:59:14
I still rob parts from that nx Burt haha
2015-05-10 19:33:14
Originally Posted by BurtonNX2000
Originally Posted by BurtonNX2000
car for sale

Seller said the NX was stolen and when it was recovered it had a tick but it still runs. He also added pictures. Not bad looking for $400.

Originally Posted by BurtonNX2000
Well I went and looked at the NX. It's rougher than I'd hoped, but someone determined enough could bring it back. Also has some decent parts but most parts are close to decent with unfortunate blemishes.

Decent parts:
Front bumper, lip, fogs were surprisingly not bad
Rear bumper is straight
Wheels w/ caps are nicer than average.
Dash is almost nice. One hard to notice 1/4" mark on passenger side.
New looking radiator, newer alternator, was told newer brakes.
T-top shades (T-top rubber worn)
Drivers door is close to okay. Very minor damage low. Also been keyed.
Everything is there under the hood.
The auto trans w/ comfort and sport mode controls + ecu, etc. Might be a good pick-up. 130k miles and will be impossible to find in the future if anyone's looking.
Hood is straight. Paint faded.
Glass, but trim is sun cracked.

front right fender
Hatch has damage. Repairable? Looks like a minor rear-ender.
Section between hatch and bumper (where the lock is) needs to be cut out an replaced.
Wouldn't start. Cranked fine.
Passenger door damage, not horrible.

I asked if she'd take $300 before seeing it and she said no but I bet it could be had for that.

Originally Posted by Benito
Wha bout this?

1993 Nissan NX for sale

Its rough. Pictures dont do all the damage any justice. I offered her $200 and she passed.
2015-05-10 20:48:54
Oh well. Not all $400 Electric Blue NX are made equal. The one I got was stuffed with parts and only 100k 99.99% rust free.
2015-05-11 00:04:34
Yeah that was a deal. Had great interior too. That car and the white one I pulled from the bushes for $650 are not even comparable to this beat one. The seller thinks the interior is nice. But it looks like someone didn't have fingers or eyes and just blindly punched at things to use them.
2015-05-15 17:22:05
1992 Nisaan nx2000
2015-05-25 03:21:38
1994 Infinity G20t- intake, exhaust, headers

Maybe not bad if it could be had for a grand or less. Been for sale for a while.

I like the ad too. "all 4 gears" "headers, chip?, ETC"

Classic Craigslist stuff..
Last edited by BurtonNX2000 on 2015-05-25 at 14-29-23.
2015-05-29 04:54:06
93 Nissan NX2000 ~ Mechanic's special

Might be the seldom seen slate grey?
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