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Thread: Golden gardens is dead ??

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2011-11-26 21:19:40
You know what i say. We should Throw golden gardens, us fwd cars. They cant say or do anything if we take the name they dont own it. Pisses me off people can shit talk me when im disabled on their forums and in person for parking in a handicap spot. They have become jokes in the nissan world now in my book. Pathetic forums with a low post rate and idiots that come from civics to the common 240. I try voicing something for us FWD's and as usual get silenced, ignored, and generally disrespected. Ive been int eh car world longer than half the hacks, ive been helping run car shows with my dad since i was 2 years old doing lil things for the car club, its in my blood compared to half the hacks that jump from ship to ship, platform to platform. I have ALWAYS been nissan/datsun. So when people talk shit to me like that it really pisses me off. Im not goign this year, and i suggest my fellow sr20 brothers dont bother with their one sided nissan fuck fest. The Nwn stickers on my care are getting pulled off after being on there since 2005. Its a shame when good groups turn into lil girl frat clubs. I know there are a few people on here who support nwn, u can chime in if you want, but ive given them chance aftern chance over the years and always gotten treated like shit, yet still supported them, but this is the last time i get shit upon from that group. They dont want to listen, or do anything to help support us fwd lovers, then i guess their group can stay rwd.
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2011-11-26 21:31:37
You do complain a lot.
2011-11-26 21:32:39
Thanks ben i love you to. When i complain theres a reason behind it.
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2011-11-26 21:43:40
I'm just saying... have a look at your posts. Outside of your build threads there's a lot of complaining.

As far as NWN I knew after one event that it wasn't my scene. I remember when a guy Dimitri broke off from them a few years back because they are dusch bags. He formed RWD board and that place had too much foulness and frat boy nonsense for me but this kind of attitde from NWN should not surprise anyone.

If you want to do a DEEP event locally in the May/June timeframe let's do that. I think we have enough gravity for a good turnout.
2011-11-26 21:49:52
Lol im one of the reasons D broke off, because he used to shit talk me all the time. When i was younger i was a idiot ont he boards on there, but he really talked shit about me on there, and in the long run he pissed off several people and got booted from being a mod then made RWD. I dont like the frat boy shit.

I grew up with car clubs having actual meetings and putting the shows on for everyone, Like we do at blue lake, and how canby does it. They take in ALL nissans, not just the old datsuns because we are all brothers, Fwd, Rwd, Awd, it dont matter its about showing the cars and having fun.

I dont want to go to a show to look at only 240's, truthfully they all start to look alike to me after the first 5 or 6 of them. You never see a different one, ka, sr, rb, Sure the motors are different, but they are all spray painted black or red with body kits and big Front mounts. I do complain alot, but as i said i have my reasons. I miss how things used to be, These kids are ruining the car world and what it stands for with their one sided mindless idiocracy and frat house style of douchbagery.
2011-11-26 22:18:56
I think we should do a deep event. Something where we let all fwd cars come, but mainly a nissan event. With our group we should be able to pull something off.
2011-11-26 22:55:23
Dan, I completely understand. I met Dimitri back when he had a Sentra, before NWN got big. I still say hi to him if I see him at GG. You remember the meets at that little cafe in Salem? Ive gone to a lot of meets in the last 6 years, including 5 strait Golden Gardens, and it seems as it gets bigger, more of the douches show up. It does get old that any kid who owns a 240 with coils thinks he's hot shit and fwd is lame. Bitch you just sold your Civic/Integra/GTi/etc for that 240! This last March was the first time it really got to me. A group of usual tools was walking by my car, and one guy says "this would be a nice car if it wasnt fwd" and chuckles to his buddies. Im tired of that shit. I love going to GG too. I dont know about you, but there is nothing better than driving with a group of modified Nissan on I-5 at 6am, going to the years biggest meet. I love the variety of cars, but its so dominated by 240's now its getting old. Beater ass 240's at that. I think there are more guys with flat black paint and zip ties than without. I dont know if im going to bother going this year now...
2011-11-26 23:22:48
this shit straight pisses me right the fuck off.. fuck NWN an fuck GG.

every year i've went its got worse and worse, the problem is kids are turning 16 every day and getting a license so thats why we're seein younger an younger kids in our crowd all the time.. an not to mention they all look like justin bieber wanna-be douche bags.

sometimes i want to bring a bat so i can break peoples knee caps, but that wouldn't be very nice now would it.
2011-11-27 00:06:57
Don't diss 16 year olds. That's what I like about high school girls. I get older....

no for serious we can have a blue-lake primer event or something. Should say 240sx is the only car not welcome. Just a no 240s anti-drift anti-stance event. When I had my EP3 Civic which I miss a lot I was on the anti-stance crew on that forum. lol.
2011-11-27 00:08:34
oh, nothing wrong with the highschool girls
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