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Thread: Golden gardens is dead ??

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2011-11-27 04:59:10
Dont know if some of us can commute to easter or / wa. I think something in tacoma, closer than seatle, some good areas up there.
2011-11-27 05:00:10
its a Very nice drive out to eastern wa from vancouver / portland.. me an ben went on a journey to get his car and the drive is beautiful and fun.
2011-11-27 05:03:23
Its a nice drive, just nothing really good out that way. Unless we did somethign like beacon rock? Or a cruiser to the damn and over the bridge and back up sr14 stopping at places to take pictures then have a get together / show type of thing?
2011-11-27 05:18:33
East of the Cascades is far more likely to not be wet, which is a good thing in the Spring in PNW.
2011-11-27 05:33:16
Passes will most likely need chains tho as well.
2011-11-27 05:45:03
All i can say is wow.....I can't comment much on either forums.
There will still be lot of room for the FWD crew at this new venue.
2011-11-27 07:06:16
What we need to do is get the whole west coast SR scene together and rent PIR or ORP for a track day. Im talking road course racing baby! I have not been to ORP yet, but it looks nice and seems pretty reasonable to rent for a day. Dec-Feb $2000 per day, not including insurance (almost a grand), $2500 in March. Those are weekend day prices too. Summer months are expensive haha. If we can get like 50 people, that would be less than $60 each, and even less if more people. Think we can get Californians to come up and Canadians to come down?
2011-11-27 07:34:02
The last Sunday of March every year I will be at Golden Gardens at 6am. You all are free to meet me there if you wish.
2011-11-27 07:55:49
Originally Posted by Teal97
whatch think about a sunny spring day, fwd get together, over the mountains in eastern ore/wa??

OOO I like how you think ....
2011-11-27 08:26:23
Originally Posted by Kleensleeper
All i can say is wow.....I can't comment much on either forums.
There will still be lot of room for the FWD crew at this new venue.

I am sure there will be plenty of parking but it will never feels the same , and I still think the drift crowd has plenty of there own events , I really dont think they needed to have this as another event for them , hell if they want to have a drift event on that day go ahead , that in its self will get rid of the drift ricers from Golden Gardens and I know there a several true enthusiasts in the drift community it just seems they are plagued with the boy racers with pep boys fart cans that think there car is fast with its ebay turbo parts more then anybody these days ....it just seems it was never moved to a road course or a drag strip to benefit one group so I don't think this is right if it is @ evergeen this year make next year PIR or Pacific raceways ...so the road course and drag guys can have fun as well ....but we no that will never happen .....
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