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Thread: Golden gardens is dead ??

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2011-11-27 01:25:16
This made me lol... I will chime in later whrn.i am not writing on my phone...
2011-11-27 01:28:41
I coudlnt beleive the other things galen said to me. Oh my car doesnt get pictures taken of it and you dont see me bitching. Yah we have about what 7 fwd ser's, and not a single picture of our group coming in, or any of the others can be found that they took when we drove in? Yet i see pics of a toyota driving in being taken to a freaking nissan meet. Im not driving up there this year, me and my dads blue lake show is more fun than that shit, at least weshow respect to fwd cars as much as we do rwd.
2011-11-27 02:18:40
Dan for the first time ever i kinda agree with your fat vanilla ass.

My first GG was in my sentra, my first car meet I ever threw was a SE-R meet.

I was bummed when i sold my egg about a year ago and i'm trying to buy my 16 year old son an SE-R as we speak.

Most everything everyone has said about NWN and GG is true in this thread.

You know, they guy who started GG and the people who made it huge are all a part of rightwheeldrive.

Might be time to get things back to their roots.
2011-11-27 02:21:47
there he is the guy I was talking about. How u been?
2011-11-27 02:30:43
wow your a rude fuck.

just buy him a honda or a 240 to beat on before you introduce him to a classic
2011-11-27 03:08:02
Thing is gaelen, or as i think of him Gaylinn has become a lil bitch that gives into the kids on that forum. Hes running nothing but a daycare, i dont even post on there unless its to correct some dipshit on there nowadays. But i still liked the show, but im not down for a freaking drift event when theres god knows how many being thrown year round. If i wanted to watch a bunch of 17 year olds drifting their single cam ka's around the parking lot id go to the old winco on a friday night and watch the civic kids with trays under there rear tires showing more skills than these 17 year olds.

Jr you may be rude as hell at times, but your points were always right. When i first joined NWN i was one of these stupid lil fucking kids we have nowayds, annoying as hell and riced the shit out of my 200sx, i got a secound time with my se-r and its way cleaner than what it was back then...cept that sr20ve stickers i need to rip off lol. But i see why you always talked down to me on there back then, but im not the same person i was back then either. Lots of fucked up shit and life expereince yada yada since then, and dealing with idiots like what i used to be.

Im just pissed i offer some freaking info on how this is all being one sided, and i get the fucking stick on there. North west Nissans is dead, its only running because of maybe 3 people keeping the forum and meeting up. Truthfully whenever i see another My 240 was stolen thread, i think thank god thats one less of these lil fucks on the road drifting every corner because they think they are the coolest shit on earth in their 240.
2011-11-27 03:57:53

GROUP HUG, me on top.

Anyway, hating on the 240 owners (for all very valid reasons) is counterproductive.

I need to talk to some people before I can say much more.
2011-11-27 04:19:16
word. talk to your people. see what's up!
2011-11-27 04:52:55
Ben your just getting old and mature like...lol
2011-11-27 04:58:17
gg just got outta hand
whatch think about a sunny spring day, fwd get together, over the mountains in eastern ore/wa??
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