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Thread: Golden gardens is dead ??

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2011-11-29 11:43:35
Forged definatly has the better parking lot....i`m good either way....prolly still going to GG tho....drifting is damn kick ass to watch....or at least see some jack ass`s crash...LOL....and dan...the punks out at lower river road only come out after dark....haha
2011-11-29 15:31:59
They come out durring the day to. It was durring the day we had the knarly bike crash where the guy had to be life flighted out of there, my buddy had convinced me to come down there one last time after my altimas engine had been rebuilt, figured id just watch and as usual the idiot bikers came out. I was just getting ready to leave when that dipshit happend. You think they would just extend city limits, or put speed bumps on the road to prevent guys from going down there and fucking around, but i think they enjoy the revenue from "inspecting" cars as they leave.
2011-11-29 16:28:50
Most idiots will be idiots anywhere... it really doesn't matter where it is. So lynch you gonna get this thing going? you get 7months of preplanning...
2011-11-29 18:45:39
i think i like the forged idea man, you should call them an see what they think since you already know them, try for sometime in july.
2011-11-29 19:02:49
Ok, well before I call them I would like to get a head count and if this is going to be an open invitation for other people or specifically the FWD SR guys? Bring your own food to grill or try and see if shop will supply it? Dyno day that day and what kinda pricing you guys looking for? Organized drive afterwards or a Drag night? You want a raffle or anything of that sorts? You guys have any vendors in mind?

Or do you want to keep it simple and just have ameet and greet?
2011-11-29 19:04:42
yep i too would like to hear what people think an who all is interested. that way we can get everything sorted out
2011-11-29 19:06:00
Maybe you can start a new thread, since you are the new found leader from South Washington
2011-11-29 19:06:41
heh ok.
2011-11-29 19:08:28
Since I don't own a b13 anymore, I can assist with setting this up with you guys. One day I will return in a B13, but no more baby turbos for me... LOL
2011-11-29 19:20:57
ok new thread started.

and ya i remember the wilsonville bbq man that was tight.
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