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Thread: Golden gardens is dead ??

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2011-11-26 18:24:14
Golden gardens is dead ??
This is bullshit .....they want to make it another drift event @ evergreen speedway ....I am sick of these assbags they are going to ruin a great event buy making it all about them ....I am so pissed
2011-11-26 18:41:50
Its not supposed to be. Golden gardens was to small, its supposed to be getting changed to nissan fest and at a bigger location than golden gardens. They have been planning on changing the location for the last 2 years since its grown so much. They want to do a drift event to, so its probally going to be a weekend thing with a big show as well. They are being dicks on nwn and holding the info though. Usual of them thinking their news is all high and mighty to hold the drama attention.
Last edited by danfiveten on 2011-11-26 at 18-45-21.
2011-11-26 18:47:39
I just saw the post on there. Fucking horse shit. Car show and drift shit, what about us FWD cars? Guess we dont get to go on track or anything, as usual majority rules even though half our cars would kick those 240's fucking ass's.

Not just that past seattle in monroe washington now, a lil bit further but i have a kind and another on the way, i dont think he will put up with being in the car that extra amount of time.
2011-11-26 18:54:43
They have taken somthing that used to be for everyone , and made it just about them .....this event was around before drifting was big , and these guys have plenty of there own events , why did they have to make this one about them too ....
2011-11-26 19:05:19
Yah and of course im goign to get flamed on there because i dont conform to what they think.
2011-11-26 19:20:59
Im already getting flamed on there, but im right on my views and as usual getting shit talked because im not only RWD. dicks. I think we should do our own show anymore and invite all FWD's not just nissans.
2011-11-26 19:27:13
He deleted everythign i posted. This was the last thing i posted on there.
Im not really mad, i dont really care but speaking for other people with fwd cars. But i will get flamed on here as usual because majority of people on here are rwd and want to make smart ass comments instead of seeing all sides of how things are viewed.

All i say is instead of just a drift event, offer something to all cars to go on the track, open it up so other cars can go out there as well and have fun. People love open track days to take their cars out and see how they do. My buddy erics vet nx2000 can take most of the 240's and stuff out there on the track, but he wont be able to go on the track because he cant drift, and his is a car for the track, which means that he probally wont come now because hes not intersted. When you have the drift and the show at the same time more people will be lined up to go on the track and drift than at the show, which takes away from the number of cars to look at. At least canby has it right with doing the track one day and the show/swapmeet the other. Your going to have alot of the really built cars out there on the track lined up and not being able to look under there hoods in the show because they would rather track than show what they got under there. All i can say is cater something to the Fwd crowd with the track, Do a half and half? Half the time a drift event, then the other half a open track event? People would love going out there in all there cars and running around a open track and pay for it. Im not trying to be just a negative nancy about these things, but trying to offer some feedback that MANY FWD owners have been bitching about for a LONG time.

Honestly i guess we cant have freedom of speach to voice out opinions on that forum anymore.
2011-11-26 20:18:10
What thread were you in ??
I think I am still going to try to attend ....I think as dumb as it sounds the Honda Tech meet in Seattle might be funner for us FWD guys ...
2011-11-26 21:13:38
I don't mess around on NWN. I always feel like an ass at golden gardens w all those morons doing burnouts and popping their bov's.
2011-11-26 21:17:38
Wow is all i can say after pming with gaelen. Im OFFICIALLY done with NWN and anything they do. He deleted every post i made, then pm'd me. Heres the last message i got from him, i thought i was being very well natured with him. The posts were on the homepage commenting in the post. I try to voice how us fwd people feel were getting shafted and treated as secound class at these events. Heres what he said to me and the message i sent to him.

you can talk about it wherever you want, we cater to the people who COME to events. not the ones that talk about coming only if we cater to them. You want something different then either do it yourselves or support the ones that are being organized in the hopes that someone organizes one for you.

I'm not here to talk about what people said about you or why you are pissed off. You can come to the event or not. I'm not going to worry about catering it to your liking as all you ever do is complain.


Originally Posted by Danfiveten
From the way flyer makes it seem and how u show the whole track on there people may think the whole track is opened up for drifting, which is what both me and eric thought. If its just a small area, then that is different and understandable.

Gaelen weve all been talking about it for the last few years on there, but we all feel like we get looked over, we come in as a group like the 300's, the skylines, the datsuns, pictures get taken of our group as we come in, but we never see our group photos put up. We get looked over, or like last year Smart ass comments made about me parking in a handicap spot when i have a disabled permit because of my 2 back surgeries and partially disabled left leg. That pissed me and my friends off with people making comments at the event, and then on here about that. I can barley walk any distance now with my back, and people were talking shit about me at the event, and then a few posts on here that i didnt even respond to because i was so pissed about me in a handicap spot with my placard. I enjoy coming to the event, but i only like coming with a group of fwd cars and people that i can talk and hang out with because im not into 240's, im not there to look at all the 240's, but the skylines, z's, g's and datsuns because truthfully all 240's look the same to me. The guys on sr20 have complained alot, but none of them come on here and do it, which they should to offer feeback to you guys instead they just stay quiet and stop coming. There were only 5 se-r's last year that i got to come up with me when we used to have more. Hell i had more fwd cars show up at our datsun blue lake show because they feel more welcomed, i was even told that by several people that came with their fwd cars because they feel like they arnt accepted by the nwn community. You have to admit there is ALOT of one sided views nowadays on this forum.
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