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Thread: Colorado 2011 - SR20 Check In

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2011-01-27 03:08:32
Colorado 2011 - SR20 Check In
I'm not even from or live in CO and I'm making this thread - that's pretty crazy.

According to my sources there's exactly 1 SR20 b13/b14 car in the entire state of CO.

If you live in CO and have not been eaten by a bear or killed by a snake, please check in.

2011-03-08 02:31:58
Haha! Haven't been on here for a minute. Sold my DET to a friend. My buddy is doing a VE+T NX, my other buddy is the guy with the GTiR front end conversion on his B13. There's maybe 2 or 3 other SR owners I know of but I don't think any of them come on here. Yea there very few here.
2011-03-08 02:33:13
the great Steve Foltz lives in Colorado (or he used to)

If he still has an SR20 powered car, it's a 240SX last I heard.
2011-03-08 21:26:33
I'm in Denver! I honestly think you have to just settle for a Nissan type meet if you want to get any amount of sr20 people together. There just aren't that many of us around here.

There are some Z guys in Denver that I remember from some meets that were cool, couple of G20 guys, and some regular Sentra guys around too. I'd check out just a Nissan forum and I know there are monthly Nissan meets in Denver.

Weather should hopefully warm up here soon and I bet everyone will resurface.
2011-11-28 18:22:21
im in colorado springs..just joined the dash..nice to see other co sr20 guys i own a 99 p11 not too much done too it..i have been doing a lot of scca autocross and rallycross i just recently did a track day at ppir too..you guys track any of your cars?..and as for other sr guys i randomly run into det 240's and i know i guy who has 2 det b13's but no g20 guys that i know
2011-12-25 13:40:52
i'm up in fort collins and have a stock b13 ser and a boosted b14 ser. been to one colorado nissan owners club meet and i was the only sr20 guy... seems like their are lots of people into b15's in this state... yuck
2012-01-08 16:45:28
Hey Graffixation I just moved up to Loveland! I was from the Springs area until about 6 months ago. Have you seen my Black Se-l up here yet? By the way, have you been able to get your boosted b14 to pass the stupid emissions up here?
2012-01-10 23:46:19
nothing wrong with B15's.... if they are 2000-2001 SE's! I'm actually looking for one now honestly.

Anyway, just moved here from Omaha. Doesn't look like a strong scene, and I don't have a Nissan anyway right now.

Just popping in to say hi. If a meet is set-up please post it here. Thanks guys
2012-02-04 22:37:33
Denver guy
I live in the great state of Colorado as well and see very few SR's besides the 240. Anyway, there's a few meetup spots all around the metro area. I live up in Thorton/Northglenn and have yet to see anyone's pimped out little sentra besides my own. If anyone wants to meet up and check out cars, swap stories, drink, etc. lemme know!
2012-02-20 00:47:59
I live in the Parker area, have a 93 nx 2000, while I don't have a pimped out sentra, I do have a very sweet dark grey nx, with a light grey leather interior, Out of a G20. That is in cherry shape.
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