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Thread: Looking for reputable shop

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2008-11-29 01:37:32
Looking for reputable shop
I'm looking for a reputable shop in Washington/Idaho that has experience with swapping in a sr20ve engine into a b13.

If anybody on this side knows of some places they can recommend to me; please let me know. Thank you.
2008-11-29 04:18:16
I dont know any reputable shop that swaps SR20VEs (I know you're lookin for a shop but), why dont you do it yourself? Its easy and fun! It'll save you money too!

Or do you not have time to do it?

Swapping in a VE was my very first swap, and everything was smooth sailin' it just takes a lot of time and patience
2008-11-29 05:09:18
ser, Need someone to do the swap hit me up. Ive done many.

2008-11-29 05:39:42
DE's and DET's yes.....VE's no... but its all relative. Id be willing to help out as well. Ive swapped the VE in my car twice. Where are you located?
2008-11-29 05:46:16
^^ All the same, you know that. Doesn't matter what SR it is. I can do it with ez.

2008-11-29 06:37:05
Chris is your man if you want something done, this guy knows his sh*t^^^^
2008-11-29 07:25:24
I don't have a big enough garage, tools, or experience to even attempt a swap myself. The current de I have is running out of life. So, I was looking into getting it replaced with a ve after taxes this spring.

I'm located in Coeur d' Alene, ID. Very close to Spokane, Washington.
2008-11-29 20:26:46
id give you a hand and im in spokane, but my garage is ****ty in the winter because its not very well insulated and its heated by a propane tank top heater. The swap itself is very easy though so if you can do it in a friends garage or something i can give some tech support and pictures if need be.
2008-12-17 08:16:51
yea..if you need help on your swap..Chris can do it...as kundra said..lol..He knoes his SH**..he did my swap in 1 day*....
2008-12-18 19:55:38
SR's are SUPER easy to swap. About 2 hours to take out and 2 to put in if your by yourself. faster if someone is helping.
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