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Thread: Need some help...SUPER RICH!

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2008-08-22 22:29:18
Originally Posted by Andreas
buy a new one from Greg V

Grab one from a P10 G20 at the bone yard for 0$.
2008-08-22 22:36:31
cts sensor is apart of the electronic fuel injection system, if it goes bad or reads bad ohms off the bat, the ecu will setup the engines fueling for high temps, retard timing and other things, so yes a coolant temp sensor can cause this.

i had one go bad on mine and i was getting retarded timing,rich fuel beucase on cold starts my ems thought my car was at 240 degrees
2008-08-23 07:35:08
Well I called Andreas today and I got it running now. I thought it was the MAF but wasnt sure cause my friend wired it up right after he got off the phone with Andreas. He had it wrong though. I wired that up and started the car and its running great. Just gotta adjust the TPS sensor cause it has a dead spot in the pedal.

Thanks Andreas
2008-08-23 08:27:41

Thanks to everyone else who tried giving me ideas.
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