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Thread: getting there

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2008-08-15 05:01:57
getting there
So far I have dropped the old engine out of my 95 g20. Swapped over the transmission and temp sensors...

...what other sensors should I be using? I've noticed that there are some differences in location of the sensors between the two engines. I already have a Calum ecu which is initially set up to run the de maf and ve injectors. Any advice as far as the wiring would be greatly appreciated. I thought I had done enough research but at this point I am lost! Thanks in advance!!
2008-08-15 05:25:57
Your IACV will need to be lengthened. I just cut the plugs off the VE harness and soldered them onto the de harness. You only need to swap out the temp sensors, every other sensor will work perfectly on the ve.

GL my friend, time to get ready for the vvl

Edit: I assume you already know about the de distributor needing to be cut?

2008-08-15 05:31:35

For anything you missed.

2008-08-15 12:52:12
First of all thanks for the quick response. Now, basically what I see is that the IACV/aac valve is located on the left side of the intake manifold on the de. The ve has this located on the front middle part of the intake manifold.

So basically, do I just extend the de wiring harness so that I can connect the plug at the front middle part of the intake manifold?

Plus, I cut the pigtails off of the ve harness to use them on the extended de harness? Do i just cap the wires lft from the ve harness off with some eelctrical tape?

What about the other sensor located on that valve? If i recall correctlly it is purple...How is this connected?

My g20 is a lowport by the way. I am so ready to get 'er back on the road
2008-08-15 16:41:09
Well you have a few options.

Use the de iacv which would mean no cutting of wires.

I prefer to keep the ve one, lower mileage and looks cooler. Which means you will need to use the plugs from the ve harness.

If you are not good with wiring, you might want to just swap the iacv instead. I would suggest soldering the wires and shrink wrapping them if you do decide to cut wires.

And the iacv should have two plugs, look closely. I know mine was a direct cut and re attach with the different plugs (the purple and brown one).

No problem, I know it can feel a little hard to understand. The basic idea is either iacv will work. But they have different plugs, so you got to mix and match.

If you cut the wires on the ve harness, I wouldn't worry about it because you won't be using it anyways, but you can do whatever you want with the open wires

2008-08-17 03:02:50
..thanks dudeman

There was some progress made today. Initially that is. Took care of the distributor, installed alternator and ps pump. every thing was going well until again I had to tackle the wiring. Am I going to use the de's wiring for the injectors and such? All the research that I have done on this swap basically says that it is plug and play. I'm willing to play, just don't know with what plugs:o.
2008-08-17 03:51:22
Use the DE harness. The ve harness is obd2 and would not work so well

Your de harness will go right onto the ve, just start putting things around and attaching the plugs you remember.

You will have to modify the harness for the above listed differences. You also will have a few leftover plugs that were for the egr and such.

I would just start plugging things in until it all starts to look right. If something doesn't look right, it isn't

Keep at it.

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