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Thread: 8969 Question

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2008-08-01 01:59:08
8969 Question
Just installed an 8969. Everything seems to work, displays rpms, but it won't go/display over 5400rpms. After 5400 rpms it displays something like 1500rpms and increases from there. Anyone else run into this issue?
2008-08-01 05:39:30
Do you have it set for 4 cylinder?
2008-08-01 06:32:01
Yes. If I set the activation rpm to anywhere under 5400 it engages VVL. I moved the on/off points all over, didn't matter. It still went to somewhere around 1500rpms after passing 5400rpms. Wonder if this switch is bad. The 8950 I had hooked up just before this one worked fine.
2008-08-01 15:25:41
What wire did you tap into for rpm signal? Sounds like the msd took a crap
2008-08-01 15:48:18
Off the distributor. Just strange how it can't figure out what the rpm is after 5400rpms. I awaiting a response from MSD. Guess I'll just hook the 8950 back up.
2008-08-01 19:40:18
Try tapping into the signal wire behind the gauge cluster. It really doesnt explain why it's doing what it's doing, but b14's usually have trouble reading the rpm from the dist, we always tap behind the gauge cluster or ecu for good signal.
2008-08-01 20:10:50
I'll give that a shot. Which color is the wire. I have a 98 if that makes any difference. Thanks btw for the replies.
2008-08-01 21:09:34
Pretty sure that it's blue with and orange stripe
2008-08-02 20:08:25
ground wires...i had a same problem but my msd would shut off after 4800 when vvl suppose to activate...
2008-08-10 19:56:09
Originally Posted by jer_760
Pretty sure that it's blue with and orange stripe

Tried that wire today. So far so good.
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