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Thread: weird idle when cold

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2008-07-28 05:45:28
weird idle when cold
since i got my ve in about 4months ago in my 93 sentra se the car when cold will idle funny it idles at about a 1000 rpms but once you touch the throttle it will drop below 500rpms back to 1100rpms back and forth always 3 times then it idles fine let me hear what yall think
2008-07-28 18:17:45
Aren't u suspose to let the VE warm up, and then it will idle normal?
2008-07-28 19:29:36
man i haven't heard anyone else say theres does it
2008-07-28 20:08:07
Originally Posted by bigfnogre
man i haven't heard anyone else say theres does it

Mine doesn't switch back and forth, but it will stay at about 1100rpms and it will occassionally go to normal ~800rpm idle. Base idle and such is set right. I don't know why its like this , but it doesn't bother me. It keeps the prothanes from being noticed.

p.s. Sometimes when I have the a/c on and stopped idling at a light , the rpm's will automatically jump up to ~1300rpms or so and then it will go back down.
2008-07-29 02:49:19
when mine is cold, it idles and goes low rpm's like the power is dieing
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