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Thread: VET cam rev limit

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2008-07-15 03:35:33
VET cam rev limit
Well, not sure if anyone knows this, but is there a way of kinda guestimating a safe rev limit for VET cams based on the ramp angle? I know they are more aggressive than the standard VE cams and I am running a 7500rpm fuel cut. I have not experienced any valve float and max revs has been 8k before the computer shut the party down.

So miko, or anyone else. Any guesses? I am thinking of upgrading the computer and valve springs and revving to 8k on the street. 9k maybe down the road. I can feel that these cams have a lot of top end pull and it will take a lot of air to max the cam out. when the vvl is set to hit at 7k it sets you back hard. I just feel like the car would really benefit from more revs. I will be getting the car on the dyno really soon and we will see if the power still climbs toward redline and if so I may upgrade the springs so this thing can see some serious rpm.
2008-07-15 07:52:32
i saw alota guys revs up till 9000Rpm on 16VE cams wit standard valve springs
2008-07-15 12:41:53
I would say you are getting restricted by the fuel cut the car VE-T I tuned pass the 1/4 mile in 4th @ 8,500 on standard 20VE and he traps 129 mph....
2008-07-15 14:42:32
I would put some S&Rs in and rev till power falls off. Every car and set up is different, you have to do your own testing to find out. it could be any where from 8500 to 9500 or more. I know Manny's car was making power to 7500 and would have keeped going.
2008-07-15 15:19:32
Ya I would rev it higher if I knew that the cams would do it without floating. But at this point, nobody really knows how high a VET cam can go.
2008-07-15 17:43:02
Get S&R and you wont have to worry about valve float. Stock springs are good but I wouldn't take them over 8k. Drop the cash on some BC s&rs now so you don't have to build and other motor. If you go cheap now you will most likely pay for it in the end.
2008-07-15 18:10:08
Originally Posted by Coheed
When the vvl is set to hit at 7k it sets you back hard.

It should be a smooth transition if you've got the rpm point where it should be. Sounds like it should be a lot lower if you're experiencing "VTAK SURGE YO". Maybe you're just trying to make a point though?
2008-07-15 18:21:59
Ya I am just making a point. I have it set to hit where it will make the crossover perfectly based on airflow. So 6000rpm is where it is set at.

How do most people change the springs with the head still on?
2008-07-15 20:04:42
I believe there is a writeup on the other forum...basically u take out ur sparkplug, and either use rope or compressed air to fill the cylinder so that ur valves won't drop, while ur swaping out ur springs.
2008-07-15 20:14:08
That's exactly what I thought. I did it once on a honda with a broken spring with some soft rope, then we turned it to tdc to push the rope against the valves so they couldn't move.
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