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Thread: Maf, plug gap issue?

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2018-06-19 03:46:26
Maf, plug gap issue?
So I've recently swapped my B14 and I'll having a weird issue just kind of troubleshooting to see if anyone else can relate. I'm having a strange cut out at high rpm but only in 3rd great and above around 6k+. Not sure if my gap is to big or the maf is shitting out. I do have a cel going to get the code in a few hours when AutoZone opens. What's really strange is when I lay into in the aforementioned gears 3rd and up the cel clears but then the car goes to running like shit at high rev in high gears. If the cel stays on it seems to run fine at high revs. Anyone relate?
2018-06-19 19:19:47
I think you're on the right track with the MAF, or maybe the TPS, or ignition issues like you said. Sorry, I've not experienced anything like you're describing before. Let us know what the codes are when you get them.
2018-06-21 01:42:36
Ok so codes are knock sensor, crank sensor, temp sensor, and egr. I replaced the temp sensor today from my DE. The old DE sensor that was in the motor literally came apart as I pulled it so hopefully that code is cleared. I cleaned the throttle body grounds to maybe help with the knock sensor or possible maf issue??? I might just throw the knock sensor from my De on today since I know it wasn't throwing a code either. Now figuring a possible separate issue with the alternator. Car already killed a relatively new alt I chocked it up to the misaligned lightweight pulley I had on there. Put a used one on a had from another motor.... Now it appears to be dying. Also having idling issues too.... This swap is really grinding my gears.
2018-06-22 08:08:08
Man, sounds like you have plenty of things to take care of.
I would think maybe the coolant temp sensor code would be the most likely culprit of your high RPM break-up issue, but keep tackling everything you can to narrow it down.
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