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Thread: Primera P11 = SR20ve 20v + 6Speed + 5*114

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2016-09-23 04:06:38
Primera P11 = SR20ve 20v + 6Speed + 5*114
Sup guys!, couple of months ago i sold all my setup, gearbox (stock P11), front brakes (S14 turbo) and rear (SpecV), Sr20VE with 20v exhaust manifold was sold also but i kept the stock harness.

So, to resume my old configuration was:

SR20VE - 20v exhaust manifold - Stock harness and stock VE ECU.
Front brake Sumitomo 4 pot with stainless brake lines.
SpecV rear disk.
Tanabe Front strutbar - Cuzco rear strutbar
Polyurethane upper and lower arms
D2 Racing street Coilovers

After i sold those things in march of this year, i bought a Nissan Primera P12 SR20ve 20v in Japan, with help of some friends we import the car to Iquique, that is a kind of "Free zone". This June, we (my girlfriend and my daughter) travel to Iquique, like 2500km from we live to receive the car and decide what we will do with the P12. After a couple of days i decided to cut and dismantle the car to swap everything possible to the Primera P11.
So, couple of weeks later the motor has arrived, with the shifter, 6 speed gearbox and everything.

The idea:

What i want?, put 230whp with the stock 20v motor, kept everything stock as possible.
Install de 5*114 wheel stud pattern
Oil Cooler
Nistune ECU
Keep the COP's en CAS
Adapt the Q45 TB.
3" exhaust from the exhaust manifold to the rear end.
Upgrade brakes to R33 GTS-t.
Wideband and oil pressure gauges, Innovate both of them.

I owe the pics, will try to order everything since day 1 until today, for now the motor and gearbox are mounted, not installed, just mounted because we need to check the axles.
Just couple of pics for now.

Regards from Chile!.
Last edited by Dahaka on 2016-09-23 at 04-12-35.
2016-09-23 13:46:33
sweet, we need more pictures!
2016-09-24 06:21:41
Definitely want to see more pics. I say e85(if it's available by you), a good header & n1 Cams, xcessive plenum, & timing might get you in the 220whp range
2016-09-24 16:28:43
Yeah, im trying to get all the pics from cam and cellphone.
The 20v header is the best for NA so i will keep it. Cams will keep the 20v too because is a circuit or time attack project, not a drag one so the powerband that i need is in the midle to high range. And im thinking in ITB's from a Hayabusa .
2016-09-25 02:45:31
Well from my stock 20v just with a 75mm tb and a triy header tune by payu with 93oct gas it did 207 with 20v cams

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2016-09-25 15:26:42
Originally Posted by mercado
Well from my stock 20v just with a 75mm tb and a triy header tune by payu with 93oct gas it did 207 with 20v cams

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i want to hit 210whp with stock internals, stock everything except for the TB.
2016-09-26 15:08:38
Go Dahaka, Go!!!!!!
2016-09-27 12:19:49
Ohhhh yes! Evo IV wheels
2016-09-28 11:53:27
Nice car and good engine choice!!
2016-09-28 18:02:20
No advance by now on the car, weather has been ugly so i decided to do a different things these days.


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