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Thread: VE+T vs VET?

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2016-09-05 02:18:19
VE+T vs VET?
For modest power goals (300-350 whp) what would be the better choice? Slightly built VE+T (rods at the very least) or stock VET?

Are there any oiling/lubrication/reliability advantages to using a factory VET as opposed to a modded VE+T (compression ratio aside)?
2016-09-05 02:51:26
Sr20vet oem reliability. Easy 350-380whp.
2016-09-05 04:02:22
Ve pistons and rods are like RR piston and rods. VET piston and rods are like GTIR pistons and rods. Pretty big difference. Another thing would be VE engine block has DE axle carrier bracket where the VET had the DET axle carrier bracket. VET comes with oil to water exchanger and all the tapped oil/water in's and outs.

We are getting ready to push a 20v to around 400whp but will be keeping the timing very conservative and use E85 just because of the piston ring land area will probably be the first thing to give us trouble. I would rather have DE/DET/VET pistons in any boosted engine if forged ones weren't a option.
2016-09-05 04:22:05
2016-09-06 02:34:57
id imagine a stock vet swap with a good intercooler.
2016-09-12 02:29:51
Im getting ready to do the same thing with a bone stock 20v. Running water meth instead of e85. gtx3076r, tiny ass turbine housing .63 a/r , sidewinder manifold, 120lb dpi injs. What would you consider conservative timing at wot, and do you have any other advise when boosting a 20v. Kinda worried about the thin ring lands.
2016-09-12 04:38:07
I'm not sure what you will be tuning with but I can post the AEM timing table when we get it on the dyno and tuned. It's going to have a .64 tial SS housing on a GTX3071r. I won't worry about it much on E85, my brothers last setup was on 93oct + meth/water and pretty aggressive timing and ran out of spray and cracked a ringland on one of the DET pistons. Hopefully the .64 works ok, I think a .82 would have been better but we are working with what we got. If it doesn't work out we can just swap the tial housing ($450 ouch!).
2016-09-12 15:09:28
Tuning on nismotronics nemu and will be running the biggest snow performance jet i have. Should support up to 450. Only looking for 380 to 400 whp.
2016-09-12 15:11:54
Thanks for the feed back. Id like to have a look at that timing map when its all said and done.
2016-09-13 10:01:58
This is what's going in my red p11 SR20VET

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