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Thread: 730rwhp, 530rwtq SR20VE-T S14 Build!!!!!!!!

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2015-12-12 15:54:27
The Torque specs using the ACl bearing is the same as the Nissan FSM?
2015-12-13 04:29:51
If you were using factory bolts yes. The bearings arnt gonna change the torque spec. The fasteners will have different specs. The mazworx main studs have their own specs.
2015-12-13 07:14:25
yes factory bolts
2015-12-19 14:03:26
Sounds healthy, great save.
2015-12-21 20:11:23
Congrats on the numbers.
2015-12-23 03:55:39
Beautiful work!
2015-12-28 23:52:14
Thanks guys, should be picking up the car this week sometime. Gotta finish up some small things on it like loctite all the bolts for the alternator bracket as they seem to want to rattle loose with the solid mounts, install a grounding kit, remove the s15 ecu harness adapter as its just a mess of wires and that way its hard wired and no pins to worry about coming loose and some misc stuff to clean it up some. Ill make a vid of some acceleration pulls with it before it goes to Washington. Also had this made as a Christmas gift for my buddy, the owner of the car.

2015-12-29 03:32:57
Hahah nice Mug.
2015-12-29 08:01:23
That's awesome, love the mug

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2016-01-22 03:40:36
Just been doing a little cleaning up to prepare the car to go to Washington. Getting rid of the harness adapter as the person who made it didnt do a very good job and pins are falling off. Also ran a new thicker gauge wire from the alternator to the battery on top of the factory wire to the fuse box. Immediately noticed the difference in voltage go from 13.9-14.1 to 14.9-15.1, Hopefully this along with some additional grounds will keep the voltage from dropping too low during pulls. When the 2nd fuel pump kicks on and fans are on we were seeing voltage go into the high 10's, low 11's.

Overall the car is running awesome. Cold starts like a champ and overall drive ability is dead on. Did a couple pulls on vid but waiting to get some better vids together before I make a youtube vid of all of it. This car pulls insanely fast. 4th gear is useless on these performance summer tires, 5th will kinda spin but pull but for the most part when the tires are warmed up it will keep traction in 5th and pull hard as hell. I drained out the original oil that was put in it before going to JMS and the oil looked perfect, ran it through a screen as it was draining and zero flakes or anything. The oil still looked like it was new but with a smell of ethanol which is to be expected. Oil pressure on the motor is exceptional. 90psi at idle when cold and 40-45psi at idle at operating temp. Anything above 2500 and its over 65psi, by 3500 over 75 and 80-85psi from there to 8500. Already put some decent miles on it to make sure any kinks are worked out before it goes to my buddies home. This car is insanely fast. Id say with some slicks or big radials the car should go low 9's @150-155mph
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