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Thread: SR23VE FWD Build

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2015-11-24 07:05:14
Originally Posted by LAM-PARK
Originally Posted by Bullit


Mazworks prepared block darton sleeves 92mm
Custom CP Pistons 92mm, Compression 14,5:1
Manley H-beam rods
ACL Bearings, main with 5 holes.
Mazworx main stud kit
oil squirters
ATI superdamper
Fidanza flywheel
act clutch and presureplate

Mazworx stage 1 port and clean and competition valve job
R/R valve guides
Supertech valves (+1mm intake), dual valve springs, seals, guides and titanium retainers
Kelford 184-C cams
mazworx 1.2 mm headgasket and head stud kit

PLAN (open for discussion)

Fuji header
Xcessive intake with Q45 throttle body

MS3 engine management with home made triggerwheels and COP (LS1 coils)

We have a very similar build that we are working on and eagerly look forward to comparing final numbers.

Things I would re-consider

ACT Clutch - just my personal first hand experience but not a fan of - have had too many input shaft spline failures with them.

Mazworx stage 1 - Why not go further ? Because all the parts where already bought for over 6 years ago by someone else here in norway

Fuji header - as mentioned by others - do some more research as there are better options.

Xcessive with Q45 - Go bigger. We currently have a 80 mm on Xcessive with 20v runner and was concerned about over throttle response not the case. If this is a race car - then go to the 90 mm - look at the GATO intake manifold.

Home made trigger wheel ? Just use a 20v CAS and have a nice clean product that is already proven to work with the mega squirt.
I've built megasquirt on a couple of cars before and stock cas is not as stable as one trigger wheel on crank and one on cam. The latest SR car was a SR20VE who we bougth a aftermarket 12-1 with outer 1 slot for changing the cas disk in the distributor. This was actually working very vell. I will bench test this to make it bulletproof for 11.000 RPM

Good luck.

Thank you for all response.

As for the intake and header it is long by decided so inputs is always good.
2015-11-24 07:07:50
Originally Posted by shady45
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
Originally Posted by shady45
why build a nice engine to put on shitty header and intake...nice build btw

So he can get a dyno sheet with low numbers on it to show the honda kids at the meets to talk them into racing??

tricky guy lool...but serious lance hayward make nice intakes for our car and can make a plenum why build a master piece to put crappy intake and exhaust

haha, I'll just be doing two runs... one with VVL activated and one without. Never show the one with to anyone.
Lance Hayward is noted.
2015-11-24 13:48:34
In for some Norwegian nice-ness!
2015-11-28 17:09:16
Piston rings
Saturday means a day in the garage

Today I've filed all piston rings to the right clearance.
0.016 " on TOP ring and 0.020 " on second ring.

Everything ready to go inside the beast.

2015-11-28 21:53:27
Nice build man! Are you using specs from the FSM? and are they the middle of the specs or to the loose or tight side?
2015-11-29 09:28:17
Originally Posted by Haulin200sx
Nice build man! Are you using specs from the FSM? and are they the middle of the specs or to the loose or tight side?

I'm using CP-carrillo specs, and since i'm living in a Meters country my gauge only shows mm and when converting inch to mm it came out a little off. so I went for the tight side.
2015-11-29 18:27:13
Pistons and rods
Todays work:

2015-11-30 01:26:47
Clean build sir! GLWB.
Looking forward to see the end results aswell as power output!
2015-11-30 01:30:54
Which motor sport will this beast be performing in?
Why that chassis?
2015-11-30 03:39:22
nice build. gl !
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