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Thread: Coolant Temp Sensor on VE

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2015-10-23 08:23:32
Coolant Temp Sensor on VE
Hi guys,

I tried searching but i found nothing.

I am using the stock CTS of my VE and now it has to be replaced. I have found the replacement which came from my previous VE.

The question is how will i going to change the CTS on my car (B13 VEd).

By the way I have a functional Aircon.

Thanks in advance.
2015-10-23 09:03:54
I must say that I'm perplexed by this question. This has been discussed multiple times on this forum before. It boils down to what ECU you have, and what CTS you should pair it to.

Realtime ECU -> Whatever sensor you have access to

Or did you ask how to replace the sensor? Like physical location? Its on the left rear side, pretty easy-ish to get to. Use some loctite sealer on the threads to ensure leak-free installation.

Aircon/No-aircon should not matter here.
2015-10-23 14:08:39
Also a pivoting head gearwrench will get over the sensor tip wheras a 6pt socket will be difficult
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