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Thread: SR20VE 20V setup - advices?

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2015-05-13 21:43:52
SR20VE 20V setup - advices?
Hi everyone after a while. Im doing a SR20VE 20V swap for N14 Chassis (900kg, big brakes, wide tires, coilovers, etc.) for a friend as a track car especially for famous Nurburgring circuit.

I want to keep engine internally stock and we would like to hit 240hp crank (aprox. 210hp fly). My idea so far:

SR20VE 20V (stock)
Ported 20V intake manifold + 70mm TB
3" intake pipe + 3" MAF + 3" velocity stack
Weld and ported 20V 4-1 with 2.7" downpipe
2.7" exhaust
Nistune Realtime ECU
Light alternator/water pump pulleys

Anybody knows whats the safe max rev on 20V engine with 20V cams? There are not much info out there about 20V... we´d like to see 8500rpm as rev limiter.

What do you think guys? I wanted to keep 20V cams for great overall low-mid-high rpm range, but maybe N1 cams can get ~10hp more...

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2015-05-13 22:05:54
i'd buy n1's and sell the 20v's to a turbo guy.
i'd buy nismotronic over nistune with a ve.
i'd try and make 20v headers fit if i only had a choice between them or ssac's, and i was going for a 8.5k rpm
consider an xcessive 20v plenum for those intake runners
2015-05-14 01:58:00
Hell no, keep the 20v's over the n1's

Use nismotronic.

20v headers are boss

make a n1 throttle body fit the 20v intake, don't downgrade to an xcessive
2015-05-14 09:16:33
@pTen: Do you think 20V can keep up in high rpm to N1 cams?

Advantage of Nismotronic against Nistune? Nistune is like half price for me and I have tuner that works with it.

Ive got 20V engine because I didnt want to play with cams and intake manifold on regular SR20VE. Xcessive is pretty expensive + need a lot of work to work right. Id rather do custom over Xcessive and have better results for less money.

I have 70mm TB, its not N1 but should work the same. Ive already use it on regular VE with ported runners, plenum and 45° angle. Also custom pipe with MAF element and velocity stack at the end.

2015-05-14 16:42:32
Nismotronic lets you customize your load and RPM scales on the tables so you can tune for a much higher RPM range than stock, and larger tables, 20x20 rather than 16x16. Nismotronic has inputs for various sensors, and you can program the factory outputs to do what you want. For the price it is better than anything else on the market. It is also flexible and can change with your setups over time as they change. I am running speed density to get rid of the silly MAF, might not be a big deal to you now with the 70mm TB, but if you ever do a custom IM you will want to go bigger and getting rid of the MAF helps out a lot. Then you can change your intake tubing and TBs to anything and no need to change MAFs or deal with the restriction.

N1s will shine up top vs the 20Vs. Changing your intake plenum and cams will change where your peak power is. You will have to decide where you want the power to be.
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2015-05-14 22:29:39
20v is fine high revs and will make the car more peppy
2015-05-22 14:47:45
Yeah sure we have to decide what we want, but this has to be simple setup and I like design of 20V itself and 20V intake manifold and exhaust manifold and id like to keep it "stock".

But important question still is, what max. revs can stock 20V springs hold with 20V cams?
2015-05-24 06:46:52
Jagy Jose has a few 20v super tech valve springs left. Wouldn't hurt to upgrade them.
2015-05-27 15:40:50
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
Jagy Jose has a few 20v super tech valve springs left. Wouldn't hurt to upgrade them.

Yes I have 2 sets available.
2015-05-27 15:49:36
Originally Posted by jagy
Advantage of Nismotronic against Nistune? Nistune is like half price for me and I have tuner that works with it.

Use what your tuner knows.
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