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Thread: SR20VE 20V setup - advices?

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2016-02-27 19:19:42
Originally Posted by guelofh
use n1 cams with stock s&r
n1 are better than 20v cams
your tri y big tube is better than 20v header
xcessive plenum with 90mm tb is the Best Way to make good power with that set up

200+whp with that set up


They aren't actually THAT much "better" if you want like an extra 5hp on your maximum power output, cool - But if you want a much better low and mid range curve then the 20v's are the ones to get.

The 20v intake has more lift on the low and the same lift on the high. So your going to get more air in. The exhaust cam has roughly .45 more lift on the low but .75 LESS on the high, but difference in the real world will prob be nothing.

A HUGGGE pro of the n1 cams is that they are available cheaply new from nissan and even more cheaply used.

Again, it all depends on the application and what exactly you want out of the car.
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2016-02-27 19:23:46
my old 20v made 12whp more with n1 cams over stock cams
2016-02-27 19:33:15
Got some dyno graphs?

In my experience swapping n1 cams in the power gains wasn't that much more. And there was noticeable loss in the low and mid range.

But 95% of the guys here only care about the maximum power output and don't care how the car drivers everwhere else.

2016-02-27 19:39:16
Pten what's a safe rev max on 20v

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2016-02-27 19:41:56
That im unsure, maybe 8200?
2016-02-27 19:42:54
Thsts from stock ecu

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2016-02-27 19:48:30
rev cut on the stock p12 ecu is much lower.. Don't run the P12 ecu it has rubbish maps on it
2016-02-27 19:49:16
Ok thanks

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2016-02-27 19:55:05
What hp can i spect with the stock 20v and a big header

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2016-03-13 04:15:02
Any dyno

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