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Thread: VVL ; turbo ; low backpressure ; not low compression ; cam choice

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2015-01-30 02:10:19
VVL ; turbo ; low backpressure ; not low compression ; cam choice
since i mistakenly started yesterday selling the non-N1 16VE cams here, I've been looking a little more into the cam options and considering i need more posts to be able to post in the classifieds anyway, this is what i'm most curious about now and this is the place to be for VVL knowledge...

RWD - P11 head with supertech springs, 11:1 CR CP VE pistons, free flowing synapse manifold, T3 .89 GTX3576, 100 octane with water injection so I'm not really concerned with low boost. Looking for great response in the mid-range to higher RPMs. I've done a good amount of research and i can write a bunch of stuff, but i'm curious about some up to date info on which cams you would run here if anyone wants to beat a probably dead horse...
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2015-01-31 19:04:56
this may belong in the forced induction section, but seems like an engine concern too so idk.
2015-01-31 20:43:55
now im on the fence between the N1 and non-N1s as i just dont feel like finding 20Vs...post #14
2015-01-31 20:50:16
while i'm filling up post counts...does anyone have issues with oil loss through the valve cover running the factory-like crank venting system on the VVL heads?

i had to redo the T fitting on the S13 DET redtop because i pulled >3 quarts of oil out of it during sustained relatively high cornering forces. i believe nissan fixed this issue with the next gen vlave covers, but i'm just wondering
2015-02-06 02:02:58
I'd give the N1 a shot. The 20V would probably be ideal, but in my case I found some interesting results. The 20V performed great on lower boost levels, but the N1 did better at higher boost levels. My theory here is that the added exhaust backpressure from running higher boost levels helped keep the boost from "overflowing" and just passing right through the engine during the overlap phase. In this instance, the N1 performed better and better as boost went up.

Though boost levels were considered, I ended up choosing the N1 cams over the 20V for 2 reasons. I prefer the way the engine reacted with the N1 cams. The changeover was more abrupt and violent, which made the car far more fun to drive. Also, low end power wasn't sacrificed with the N1. The engine also seemed to sound better, and was much happier in the high RPM.

Ymmv but I would consider some dyno time and both cams to see how they perform. I would have tested the sr16Ve cams vs the N1 as well. I tested EVERY factory OEM cam in my car and found that cam choice is dependent on your turbo selection. Congrats on trying out the GT3576r though. I yelled at Garrett to make that turbo for years because I felt like it was a perfect match for this particular application. I have since played with the GTX variant on a couple cars and it has performed amazingly well! I would be really interested to try the turbo without the ported shroud as well to help recoup some lost efficiency points, but that's just because the nerd side of me likes to test everything.
2015-02-06 04:25:37
VVL ; turbo ; low backpressure ; not low compression ; cam choice
I'm personally glad you love testing things (like I do), it can pay off in other areas of life sometimes too, but I think I'm gonna go for the N1s as well especially based on everything you just said which lines up very well with my setup/goals and I chose the non-ported compressor cover because the only time I ever had a surge issue was when I tried the synapse BOV's VTA kit for MAF setups (when I ran MAF) and tho it sounded extra awesome, I went back to the recirc and never surged again. Now I'll be back to VTA with SD tuning so hopefully no surge, but I heard the ported covers rarely help efficiency so as long as there's no surge, I'll stick with this cover.

I must confess, just for the sake of not typing much in my other posts, I lied about the GTX3576. I put together an MHI TD06H4 .89ar T3 turbine, JB center machined for the GTX76mm billet wheel so it's more like a GTX3476 (which just came back from assembly balancing at GPop Shop) so it's another Frankenstein I've heard of, but in this case had no data on. built it for 1/2 the price of the garret which helps with a VE swap at the moment so my fingers are crossed lol. It's basically between an FP Red and FP Black turbo which should work perfectly in this setup...if it works perfectly lol. Thanks again for your efforts
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