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Thread: VE is Alive!!!

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2008-07-02 16:45:34
Originally Posted by Wojtekj
It might be the cable, I lubricated it with graphite lube before I put it in, but I know with the same cable it was lighter with OEM pp (2 months ago). Maybe the cable is old...

My last JWT PP was bought about 3 or 4 years ago, so the supply might have changed since. So I dunno. But if its older, it might be worth a shot, eventually.
2008-07-02 16:47:39
Originally Posted by llaprad1
Both JWT PPs I've used have been as light or lighter than OEM. Are you sure your cable isn't old//stretched/frayed?

Plus I didn't run out of adjustment.

My JWT PP's have been way more firm than stock. On my classic it felt very firm and confident compared to stock. The se-l is the same way with a stock clutch cable, but I do feel that it has stretched some.
2008-07-02 19:24:22
Originally Posted by Wojtekj
Is there any procedure for cold idle setting on a VE? Or just play with the adjustment screw at the bottom of the TB?

From what I remember, you use an allen key (a very small one). But you really can only do it once every morning as you want the engine as cold as possible. When it dropped to 50s in miami, mine is actually at 2k, but any warmer its 1.5k-1.7k.
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