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Thread: SR20VE vs. K20 (Vid inside)

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2014-11-16 13:12:53
SR20VE vs. K20 (Vid inside)
a friendly run with a co worker

My mods (b14)
16lb battery
A/c removed gutted trunk
(I'm a 125lb driver btw)
N1 cams
Vrs 3" exhaust
I forgot the header specs
I believe 4" intake
Marshed tuned (201whp on dyno dynamics 192whp dynojet)

Ek hatch mods
Fully gutted & rear cage
No a/c & p/s
2.25 exhaust & header
Based tuned
No intake
K20a2 out of a rsx type-s i believe

Every run was about from 35-40mph - 105-110mph
& out of 4 runs i won by about 3+ cars

Not totally sure his car was at his full potential plus he just got it running recently. Hopefully to get a few more runs later on. I'll probably have a different intake system by then but yea sorry for the bad angle (phone was in my passenger seat head rest)

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2014-11-16 13:18:41
2014-11-16 14:28:18
Sounds like your clutch slipped when you shifted. Otherwise good run. I think a closer match could be a K24.
2014-11-17 22:21:06
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Sounds like your clutch slipped when you shifted. Otherwise good run. I think a closer match could be a K24.

Yea i believe it does slip when i shift hard into 3rd
2014-11-30 17:46:25
Your right that honda was not at its full potential!! it should have kept up with you and or be a really close race. my cousin had that same k-series setup he made 215 whp and 190 torque his setup inlcuded in a rsx type s :
2.5" exhaust
3" intake
light flywheel and clutch
and he was keeping up with vvl or taking them out.
but at the end of the sr's be smokin hondas all day!!
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2014-12-01 06:18:26
Do us SR have a chance with these guys on the street
2014-12-01 12:04:49
1. Social failure..... Please don't talk like these clowns.
2. Nitrous cars not NA.
3. Hey I have a great idea lets put the fast car out in front and give them the hit, that should make for a great race......oh wait no that will be a waste of time.
4. Instead of making awesome flame trails just bring your deloreon and hit 88mph.

But to answer your ? Yes the sr20ve can hang.
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