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Thread: Removing AC

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2008-06-23 15:29:04
Removing AC
Ok, so here's my story.

I was originally planning on putting the AC back in the car, so I had hooked up everything when I got the motor in and only had to fill it up. When I tried to make it work, it turns out my compressor is dead...

Anyway, since I have now lived through 3 summers without AC, I have decided I would stop adding the strain to the engine and remove it altogether (the car is no longer my daily anyhow). This is where my question comes in...

Does anyone have the part # for the replacement belt for the alternator? I have searched and came across this:

I just want to confirm that this part # is the same for the VE. FYI, I am running the stock VE crank pulley and VE alternator.
2008-06-23 15:59:17
I think I used 32.5" long belt(or something around there), just hit any parts store and pick one up, you can measure the belt size with anything you got lying around (string, tape, etc.)
2008-06-24 12:55:38
Like Wojtekj, I used string, went to the local parts store and got a belt.

I don't even know why you went through the hassle of wiring up the A/C with the swap anyways.
2008-06-24 14:02:39
Yeah, that's what everybody keeps telling me. I guess I wanted more of a challenge on the swap

I'm currently working on dialing in the car a bit better. While I am faster than I used to be at the local track (prior to the VE swap), I'm still slow under my own standards. I'm able to run about 2-3 seconds faster a lap with a B18 Civic. I don't think I'll ever reach those times with the SE, but I know I can be a bit closer. Handling-wise, I'm sad to say that I'll never be at the Civic's level. I will have to make up for it with horespower in the long run (read: N1 cams?).

I finished grinding the top of the ports on my e-bay 2.5" header yesterday. That's going in very soon too, then I'm going for a dyno tune.

I'm trying to grab every inch of additional power I can get without changing the cams/springs for now. The bulk of my funds will be going towards body work after (I can see through the floor behind the pass seat)

Thanks for the help. I'll run by the parts store and get the proper-sized belt. Then, 1 hour of work, and a bit more power. I guess it's worth it
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