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Thread: EBay tri y header

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2014-11-13 21:43:42
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
I think thats some bs squrilz.. if you dont like it you can talk to deez nuts!

Careful, squirrels like nuts in their mouth!

2014-11-13 21:52:27
Take it as you will. If this forum is not going to share these types of things it will do down hill quick. We have already lost some good members because of this. No one can say with any bit of reason that this header makes more power than the SSAC with the data provided. Maybe this thread was not suppose to be about power, but it has been said by the OP that this header does make more power but does not know how much. Whey even post this then? Just say this is the header specs, this is how i had to modify it to fit, and be done. Take all of the graphs down and talk about HP.

I do not expect everyone to share results, but do not tease and not share info, that could miss lead people. This community is about sharing information to help others out, there is nothing beneficial that says this header is better than any other, end of story. Send me the header and i would be happy to run it on my setup. I am not going to purchase this header as i do not think it is superior to other options out there, it is another cheap ebay header that quite a few people will buy that do not want to spend the money on quality parts. I wonder why we have such little support.
2014-11-13 21:59:04
If you have no intention about buying this header, then why are you posting at all in this thread?

at no point did I mislead anybody and i was VERY clear in EVERYTHING that I had stated. If you took the time to actually read this thread, then perhaps you might have seen this. As its clear you didnt, there really isnt anything of value that you have to say in regards to the ebay tri-y header.

basing power gains on virtual dyno is a silly thing to do and to compare the 2 would only bring more argument and confusion to the community. more than likely people have left this community due to bad attitudes or the holier than thou mentality of some of its members. I provided valid information that allows an end user to make an informed decision, simple as that. why should i have to spend my time and resources to satisfy your curiosity, especially when you have no intentions of buying it anyways? seems more like trolling than anything else, and that is the reason people leave.

as far as sharing my full list of engine mods, its already been done in this thread, and its a very short list. take the time to read it all, or dont... in the end i dont really care.
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2014-11-13 22:36:17
Wait.....is this a for sale thread?
2014-11-13 22:41:48
2014-11-14 00:34:45
As far as I see it,any info about this new header,or any other new part is appreciated .
Whether its fitment,or possible gains...keep up the good work. There are people here who do appreciate the money,time and opinions given in this thread.
It was stated many times in this thread that the Virtual dyno was to be taken as a grain of salt

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2014-11-14 02:32:27
Thanks zeneffect. Some of us do appreciate what you have done so far so all was not for naught. And no the forum hasn't gone completely downhill, but it has changed and is still evolving. Old members dwindle, new members now have the challenge of keeping this forum strong. A forum cannot exist without options, even if we may not agree on the source or results of those options. Again thanks to the OP for time, effort & info.
2014-11-14 03:50:04
not trying to step on any toes, but I don't really appreciate being shitted on either for my efforts. thanks guys for the kind words, squirlz, no hard feelings... its been one of those days for me, hope you can understand, and I apologize for going off the handle.

here is some quick background as to why im doing what im doing and omitting some info that some of you would want...

this is my first ve motor... well first sr motor of any sort, and to be fair im pretty new to it (only had this since Columbus day, thanks Josh!) so my learning curve has been high and very quick in comparison to some of the old school members here. I appreciate any information or guidance from the senior members as there is a ton of documented information that I have combed through to make the decisions I have towards my build. I don't post pictures of my car, build, tune, etc etc etc for various reasons of my own... there is thievery, plagiarism, and flat out criminal behavior that I have witnessed that I would much rather try to avoid as best I could. I just want to have fun with my car plain and simple. not trying to win any awards, be uber elite sr20 tech guy or anything. I do this for myself and nobody else. I share my experiences (though limited) so that others don't have to make the same mistakes or encounter the same problems without a solution readily available.

now on to more relevant matters:

the reason I don't want to post up ssac vs tri-y results in vd is because @ 7500rpm, there is a huge difference noted... like 20hp which I feel is unrealistic. ive shared these graphs with a few other members who understand what im doing, how im doing it, and understand that even I am skeptical of the results even though im the one producing them. this could be due to a ton of factors including the tune (which I do myself) and I really didn't put too much effort into the ssac other than trimming out fuel so afr is right. posting up the comparison would only bring more negative comments, confusion, and disbelief. id rather not post that misleading people into thinking this is some sort of wonder header and sully my original intent which is to identify issues and provide solutions. on average, im seeing like 5ftlbs and 5hp across the board (up until about 7000 where the lines really start to diverge) so lets just say it makes 5hp over the ssac. I can safely say that this header will gain you at least 5hp and 5ft/lbs of torque, there isn't a doubt in my mind about that. beyond that though is a grey area as im not using the most precise of tools to measure power output.

do I feel that this header makes more power vs ssac? yes. does the design support this? yes. should you ditch your ssac and buy this to gain that extra margin of power? in my opinion, no. just look into your tune more and save that money for something better, that 5hp isn't going to gain you anything except fancy graphs. would I buy it again? no, not because of the gains seen, but because I have other plans and investing into headers or anything NA related is a waste of money and time in my situation. so why would I buy this and spend the time to put it on? the answer is simple. I had the means, funds, and was bored. I LIKE tearing my car apart and putting it back together for something better, it makes it my own. anyways I think im about done here, I don't have anything else to contribute to this thread other than answer a few fitment questions if they arise.
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2014-11-14 03:56:36
Well said bro.....
2014-11-14 04:30:57
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
I think thats some bs squrilz.. if you dont like it you can talk to deez nuts!

Careful, squirrels like nuts in their mouth!

LOL, only problem is that's a chipmunk.

Zeneffect, most of us appreciate you sharing about the header.
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