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Thread: EBay tri y header

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2014-11-04 18:55:23
Originally Posted by squirlz
Get the AFRs to where they need to be, you should see the power come back. You should not loose power up top from the exhaust, you just won't gain any.

What is a general consensus of what AFR's should be at WOT?
Also what sort of timing?

To the OP, thank you for your efforts!
Keep the experiences and info coming.
2014-11-04 20:06:06
13-13.2 is optimal for NA on my particular setup. timing is maxing at 29 degrees at the highest maf load and rpm cell.
2014-11-04 20:24:18
Almost 20whp increase in midrange? That's impressive!
2014-11-04 20:34:03
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Almost 20whp increase in midrange? That's impressive!

Watch if he puts on a 3" exhaust, the midrange will drop a tad bit but the high end won't take a dump like it is on the graph. N1 camshafts just don't do that pattern on his graph.
2014-11-04 20:40:45
I like mine in the 13:1 AFRs at WOT. Timing will be slightly different for every setup and fuel being used. This is something only a dyno can tell you accurately.

I wouldn't believe 20WHP unless something was really wrong with the tune before, and you will not see 17Ft-LBs either. The SSAC was not that bad, but I could be wrong.

Virtual Dyno is hit or miss. If the weather is not exactly the same the results can be way off. It is a comparison tool but it really should be back to back runs for accuracy. I have days where it says my car makes 200WHP when it is way over that. But if you log a dyno pull the Virtual Dyno is dam near prefect, but conditions are perfect.
2014-11-04 21:00:54
I had stated earlier to ignore the numbers, it just shows that the header improves over the old ssac. that is all, not how much. I know VD is inaccurate, but its accurate enough to say Yes or No. beyond that is only speculation as to the actual numbers.
2014-11-06 02:05:07
I use virtual dyno alot and I haven't found it to be inaccurate. I tested it again't the dyno I use and it's right there numbers aren't too far off. I use the SAE correction when I use it.
2014-11-06 02:09:07
You just wanna make sure the road is as close to flat an level as it can get.. any dips, bumps will throw it off.. going up hill will show less power while going down will show more.. where as the dyno is pretty much consistant..
2014-11-06 02:21:33
well virtual dyno showed over 200whp today on the same stretch of road, in the same lane. im pretty sure in my case.... its off. no effing way im making more than 200whp. I mean, yes I tuned to this header and got gains across the board and i fixed the 7000rpm dip by REDUCING timing to 29, but 200whp? not likely AT ALL.
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2014-11-06 05:24:35
use the SAE conversion. I'd call it +/- 5whp could be more could be less. Find a scale and put your car on it so you have an accurate figure.
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