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Thread: EBay tri y header

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2014-11-03 21:32:47

something like this maybe.
2014-11-03 21:34:08

right on, i was looking at turbo mufflers before you posted this up. my concerns are though #1 zero sound clips though i do know turbo style mufflers are WAY quieter than straight through for obvious reasons. #2 is that they arent center in/out and i dont know how that would affect fitment.

As far as resonators go, all i need is the max width and length that will fit and i can choose from there.

Thanks Kyle!

Ive had a magnaflow exhaust before, wont do it again. it sounded good but was a touch too loud for my tastes.. but damn that setup looks sexy as hell.
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2014-11-03 21:36:27
Call VRS, 3" with Magnaflow cat, resonator, and Dynomax VT muffler, very quite until you get on it.
2014-11-03 21:38:31
i have a vrs on it right now, just not 3"

wont go ss again, waste of money imo. will be keeping 2.5" stock cat. was looking at the dynomax vt muffler, but after the flapper "fix" there are no reports of anything about them. resonator is ALWAYS a must imo.

but lets keep this on topic.

the fasteners that connect the primary to secondary SUCK. im missing 2 already after a few heat cycles and retightening them a dozen times. oh well, new fasteners are on there now that actually lock. super easy to get to and you dont have to lift the car. oh and the ones that come with it require an allen key to tighten, as if that makes them higher quality or some crap.
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2014-11-04 14:43:40
the right thing is... tho costly... is to dyno the set up now with the new header on what u had before and compare.... then retune on same... then go to the increase exhaust and retune.... adjusting the exhaust will not show the new headers true gains
2014-11-04 16:16:06
im running virtual dyno under the same conditions. its accurate enough to see if there is a gain or not, but not accurate enough to tell me how much.

and yes, i am seeing gains right now, though the car isnt running 100% yet. power is still falling off past 7k which it shouldnt with n1. either my exhaust is finally choking out the header, or i need to revisit my timing map.
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2014-11-04 16:55:05
edited - skewed data
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2014-11-04 16:57:19
Originally Posted by zeneffect
either my exhaust is finally choking out the header, or i need to revisit my timing map.

...or both.
2014-11-04 16:59:42
yea its most likely the 2.25 exhaust killing higher end power. the delta is only 7hp @ 8000rpm, and afr was still dipping into mid 12s vs the 13.0-13.1 constant with the ssac.
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2014-11-04 17:58:56
Get the AFRs to where they need to be, you should see the power come back. You should not loose power up top from the exhaust, you just won't gain any.
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