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Thread: GTI-R or Non GTI-R main bearings

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2023-09-10 11:05:36
GTI-R Main Bearings (5 Oil Holes):
- These bearings have 5 oil holes, which can potentially provide better lubrication to the crankshaft and main bearings.
- The additional oil holes may be beneficial for high-performance applications, such as racing or high-revving engines.
- They are designed for the GTI-R engine, which is known for its high-performance characteristics.

Non-GTI-R Main Bearings (2 Oil Holes):
- These bearings have only 2 oil holes, which means they may provide less oil flow to the main bearings compared to the GTI-R bearings.
- They are designed for standard SR20DE or SR20VE engines, which are typically not as high-performance as the GTI-R.

GTI-R is better than non GTI-R, but maybe more expensive, but don't worry. Online shopping makes saving money easy for you, and I've found: [Redacted]
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