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Thread: anyone else seen the new Protech-Fabrication 4-1 header?

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2014-08-27 17:26:05
Originally Posted by Fatman489
Originally Posted by sss4me
Originally Posted by Fatman489
Side by side vs SSAC plz? Lol still love the way this thing looks

not worth comparing. this is a stack dearer, and a stack better, on a built motor. watch the vid, this thing goes.

I dont understand why its not worth comparing since the SSAC is what the majority of people run .. .. Im just saying it could be qn eye opener to those who are after more power ..

It is not worth it because it takes $$$ and time to INSTALL the SSAC, then pay for Dyno time, uninstall then Install the Medusa again all in the same day just to get some numbers. It is also hard on a motor to keep doing so many pulls which im sure would rather be done on the track. With Dyno places charging an average of $200 an hour JUST to see the differences..it wouldn't be worth it. Most of us do not own our own dynos so any dyno time has to be PAID for. Maybe if people offered to pay for the dyno time, maybe Raul will be willing to do the test..but i highly doubt it with 2 kids and all the other things going on in life.
2014-09-08 23:59:25
I seen there was 2 videos on youtube. One with a standard short ram intake and one with a long tube intake with velocity stack in place of the headlight.

Any power made with the longer intake tube and no headlight? Are they both the same size tubes? 3"?
2014-09-09 00:59:36
I don't think it made anymore power because the hood it up on both video's. So in short with the long ram and hood closed it should make the same power vs hood closed short ram under hood heat.
2014-09-09 05:23:32
Originally Posted by KillerKrossover
Originally Posted by se200
I don't think you guys are getting my point, these headers look awesome and the fab skills of the builders are top notch. I'm just saying putting a 1200$ header on a 700$ motor is not a good investment. Two forum members are running my old headers on VEs I think one of them even has motor work done. I don't expect you all to understand but trust me 1200$s for a header on a built race motor is worth every penny, 1200$ on a stock motor is not. Spend that $ on a nice tig welder and start building your own parts that's what I did. I'm no pro fabricator and I don't work for or own a shop. I work out of my garage and have built a few ve headers and a bunch of turbo manifolds. I was even able to put my own car on the Dyno to test each part, if I can afford it most shops should be able to do the same. Let's see the Dyno numbers because we can talk about it all day but proof is in the pudding. Anyways to all the fabricators that made these headers great work.

I don't think you have a point, you have an opinion. Example, I like blue you might like pink. I like to spend $1000 on cams, someone else might spend it on wheels. Nobody is right or wrong.

This is a hobby. We spend a lot money on these engines and cars that nobody else outside this community will understand, including family and friends. Outside this community, people are probably thinking we are crazy for spending any kind of money on a 15 plus year old cars, so I don't see why you should question him for spending X amount for the header.

One of the best replies I have read in a very long time!
2014-09-11 20:42:15
So I just installed my header. I will be happy to post my results here as well. I think this will be a good comparison from stock comp to high comp. Unfortunately, I do not have a base line with the other two headers I've used. The mods are:

My Daily Driver Has:

Stock VE
Supertech S&R's With N1's
Excessive Intake Manifold w/ Q45
3.5 intake w/ stack out the headlight
Protech 23 inch equal length stepped headers w/2.25 choke Reverse Coned
3 inch mandrel bent exhaust
SR16 Flywheel Action Clutch 1MS B15 Box
Tuned on MS2 (Mega Squirt)

Dyno is next.

2014-09-19 19:22:00
Wow looks sweeet! Subscribed
2014-09-24 18:09:32
As Promised, here are my dyno results. Same Dyno-Jet with the 248 Drums. Not the 224 drums! Here are my results from last night. My mods are in previous post. Hope this helps with your future header decision. I am very pleased with mine.


2014-09-24 18:26:26
Thanks for sharing man.. What mods or what differences are in the blue line on the dyno graph?
2014-09-24 19:40:46
@KLUTCH - great looking graph and curve on that. Just out of curiosity, how is the mega squirt to tune? Keep up the good work.
2014-09-24 21:35:34
Originally Posted by 1FastP11
Thanks for sharing man.. What mods or what differences are in the blue line on the dyno graph?

Same mod just tuning. The A/F was a lot richer at that point.
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