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Thread: anyone else seen the new Protech-Fabrication 4-1 header?

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2014-07-25 01:15:03
Originally Posted by se200
Awesome work on these, but we need Dyno numbers. spending 1200-1500$ is crazy if your not building a crazy NA motor. I make my own tri-y and 4-1 headers, I'm positive mine won't support the same hp these do but I build mine for 350-400$. That means your paying 1000$ for 6-8hp. Now for the big NA builds wait for the proof/Dyno numbers because these manifolds look amazing.

What would you sell one of your built headers for to someone for? N/A hp is not cheap after a certain level of modifications. That's a great looking header and I'm sure it took great minds and craftsmanship.
2014-07-25 02:39:21
I personally think its the individuals choice to spend 1k or whatever if it puts out the intended goal also he did say he's running compression he's only obliging to try it on a bolt on because everyone will want to see the cost justified
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2014-07-25 03:10:13
This header should be good for bolt on VE's. The motor is still 86x86. Like I said earlier, I'll be doing some testing on it when I have the time and money and I'll share the numbers because I want to. I'm not making money off of testing either. Bruce at Protech was just very very very cool.
2014-07-25 04:34:47
So optimum you dont think its be good for say a high comp 90mm build ? Mainly aimed at simpler builds?
2014-07-25 05:40:44
Mine was built with the intention of going on a high compression 2 litre motor, plans have changed though and it now a high comp 2.2 it should still perform well, the engine made 255hp previously with a jap 421 manifold and 60mm catback, so it should certainly improve on those figures, the spec will be quite different though once its done so it won't really be a fair comparison.
2014-07-25 06:25:27
Originally Posted by OptimumSE-R
Header is mine. Bruce at Protech made this v3 of his 4-1 headers and his idea was to keep the collector above the cross member to make the car streetable to lessen then chances of bottoming out. Originally i had called in to inquire about his 4-1 header. We talked for a long time and he expressed his intentions with a new design header and asked me if I was interested. I finally agreed to do it and he began working on it . The finished product is in the pictures in the OP. Specs are as follow:
1 3/4" to 1 7/8" stepped Equal length 23" runners, 2 1/4" choke reverse cone to 3" vband with splitter on 3" mid pipe with skid plate.

I just went high comp with n1 pistons and currently in tuning stages. Once my car is finished, I plan on taking it to the drag strip and doing work. After that I will be testing the header on a friends bolt on VE with ssac header and put it to the challenge.

Price on the header complete with skid plate, coating and mid pipe is $1350.00 plus shipping. Material is Mild Steel. It can also be made in Stainless Steel for more money but you would have to speak to Bruce.


The primary by itself I think is $800 then the downpipe is another $350 then coating is another $250 around that. I might be off on the downpipe and coating by a little.
2014-07-25 10:55:19
Originally Posted by se200
I'm not saying these headers are not worth the investment but spending 1200$ for a bolt on ve is overkill. Lets wait and see what the Dyno says before jumping the gun.

kudo's to anyone who can list a current off the shelf ve header to similar dimensions to the one in this thread, with a 1 7/8 primary to 2 1/4 choke point collector, for less than a grand. it doesn't exist. its only going to be cheaper if you can do it yourself.

based on previous results of headers with very similar dimensions, this will be a winner.

if someone's not comfortable with spending $1k+ on a header and $1k+ on a better intake manifold for their ve, then bolt on some n1 cams, and ssac's, and be happy.done.
2014-07-25 12:20:02
I don't think you guys are getting my point, these headers look awesome and the fab skills of the builders are top notch. I'm just saying putting a 1200$ header on a 700$ motor is not a good investment. Two forum members are running my old headers on VEs I think one of them even has motor work done. I don't expect you all to understand but trust me 1200$s for a header on a built race motor is worth every penny, 1200$ on a stock motor is not. Spend that $ on a nice tig welder and start building your own parts that's what I did. I'm no pro fabricator and I don't work for or own a shop. I work out of my garage and have built a few ve headers and a bunch of turbo manifolds. I was even able to put my own car on the Dyno to test each part, if I can afford it most shops should be able to do the same. Let's see the Dyno numbers because we can talk about it all day but proof is in the pudding. Anyways to all the fabricators that made these headers great work.
2014-07-25 17:06:36
Cars are not an investment at the end of the day.
2014-07-25 17:22:22
I see what you saying about a shop affording the dyno sessions but this was built FOR A CUSTOMER but can be replicated if needed .. Im prettysure its not technically "off the shelf" im pretty sure they said they are built to order. Regardless im definitely interested to see some results on it and kinda excited to see the results fof the trackforged 4-1 aswell .. im gonna be needing a solid header in the hopefully near future so hoping that one of the 2 will be just the ticket for my needs as I dont trust anyone around here to make a header for a VVL lol
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