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Thread: Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.

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2014-06-25 00:23:19
Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.
1991 240SX Hatchback


Fortune Auto 510 (12k)
GKtech V2 Super lock front drop Knuckles
S14 FLCA W/ Moog Ball joints & Whiteline Suspension LCA Bushing
Tein inner tie Rods
Gktech Outer Te Rods
Voodoo13 Tension rods
Nismo power brace

Fortune Auto 510 (10k)
S13 - S14 Rear Subframe swap
GKtech V3 Adjustable Traction rods
GKtech V3 Rear toe arms
GKtech V3 Straight rear camber arms
GKtech Rear drop knuckles (2015 Edition)


Evo 8/9 Brembo 4 pistion Calipers
Stoptech Stainless steel brake lines (Evo)
Z32 Master Cylinder

Z32 Rear 2 piston Calipers
Z32 Parking brake assembly
Z32 2+2 Parking brake cables
Agency Power Rear brake conversion Lines

S14 VLSD W/ Enthuspec solid S13-S14 Bushings

Recaro spg, or sparco Evo I or Evo II
S14 Oem seats (for now)
Sparco R 323 Steering wheel
Circuit Sports quick release hub
Stitched Welded

Full Front Genuine OEM 180sx Conversion
Genuine oem Kouki tail light set

Chase bays overflow tank

5zigen FN01RC 17X9 +38 F&R
Project Kics R40 Extended Open end lug nuts
ARP Extended wheel studs

SR20VE Cylinder head P11 + Turbo (winter 2016-2017 build)
RWD SR20DET S13 Redtop block
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2014-06-25 05:33:42
I likie....
2014-06-26 03:18:17
Very nice and thorough man
2014-06-26 11:41:50
Looking good, you will love the 6spd.
2014-07-25 00:55:41
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2015-02-22 02:44:38
Well out the B chassis game for life.... I have to admit though, i've had plenty fun the b14 but this community(fwd) & aftermarket support lacks really bad which made me decide to move on for good. Countless people i've contacted waiting and no answer after no answer. The waiting game made it easier to save & plan for my next project. With a track based mindset I knew I couldn't settle for a car that had terrible aftermarket support. So FC & FD rx7, s13 & s14, Miata & 2g Dsm were my main interest. It came down to be which ever I can find a deal on the best. Hopped on the Zilvia classifieds and an 1991 s13 hatch caught my eye. No Sunroof (check) Manual Windows (Check) zero rust or whatever rust was there was fixed ( Major check) Originally manual car ( check ) unmolested (super check even after 3 owners) everything original besides a sparco steering wheel & Quick release. Well long story short a couple pm's & $2900 dollars later I ended up with this gem. A little cosmetic damage but hey nothing a 180sx conversion won't fix

These are the pictures from when I bought it. Still nothing done to it due to NY weather being super shitty since the beginning of january. Anywho... the guy I purchased the car from had a little extra parts laying around so a week later decided to see if they were still available & Voila !!!

Full 5 Lug Conversion
Evo 8 Front Brembos (Brand new)
Full rear z32 caliper & parking brake conversion (rebuilt & minus cables since we need r33 cables to make it work)

& Oh yeaa did i mention that sinced i enjoyed vvl so much that i was going SR20VE-T?

thanks Sealti96 for the Cylinder head

So with that being said decided to browse craigslist to see if i can find any deals but couldn't pass this one up

Rebuilt (so to say) sr20det block with a spun bearing but a couple txts later this was now in my possession

(that is frozen water on the valve cover... the avg temp in long island for the past couple weeks had to be around 19 degrees the most)

But yup still not done. Had a spare s14 rear subframe laying around from my s14, So i did some research to see if i can some how use it & believe it or not it definitely is an upgrade for an s13 chassis. So with that being said I will be sending that to get sandblasted. (if anyone knows any sand blasting places in long island please let me know. Can't seem to find one locally)

So hopped on ebay & purchased an 62 (Sr20det red top ecu) that would be getting the NismotronicSA treatment. Just waiting on the word back from wiring specialties to see if they can integrate the sensors in the harness. But yes will be getting sleeved, & built head from mazworx's & yeaa that would be probably be done by summer while i say funds for that =/


Purchased these badboys.Quick explanation,these are GK_Tech's rear drop knuckles, as they are lighter than rear z32 aluminum knuckles and have plenty advantages in grip & drift which i both will be doing. Only thing that sucks is that they're making another batch & will be shipped some time in march so suspension will be halted till then. Gives me time to source light weight wheels. Most likely 17x10 RPF1's will do the trick.

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2015-02-22 08:54:22
For the S13 it's the 300zx 2+2 ebrake cable. S14 R33 ebrake cable is what I used for my rear brake swap.
2015-02-22 16:01:53
Good shit
2015-03-01 03:29:28
Small update:

Brought my s14 subframe into work to use our press & let's say 3 out 4 bushings which took about 1 1/2hrs to get out, I decided to go with this method

Yes that bushing is still giving me a hard time. Most likely tackle it in the morning. & later on this week when my grinder& wire wheel comes in.

Got a delivery of suspension & brake components. Suspension almost done wooohooo

that's about 1/3 of just the rear suspension arms. Still need lower control arms, my rear drop knuckles should arrive in a couple weeks, solid subrame bushings & then will be deciding what differential I will be going with. Stuck between an JDM s14 4.08 fd lsd or q45 (stronger) Swapping out the gear rations I think it's a 3.93 or a 3.6

if it's not oem then it will be quality!

z32 2+2 rear e brake cables. Supposedly these fit best in a s13 chassis we'll see

Still no word from wiring specialties about the harness. Going to hit up chasebays and other companies to see if they can make me a harness with all the sensors needed in whole harness. Don't want to half as this car one bit so cutting up a fresh harness is a no no!

Till then Fortune auto 500 coilovers 10k(f) & 8k(r) (swift springs) are looking like the next to do list or maybe rotors and pads & wheels ehhh whichever i find 1st. Till then enjoy guys
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2015-03-01 03:34:47
Don't count the money you spend it will only make you sad in the end.
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