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Thread: Part 2. I think I'm doing it right this time.

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2016-09-10 01:23:13
those coilovers are badass bro. good choice
2016-09-10 03:22:16
Originally Posted by ga16eats
those coilovers are badass bro. good choice

Thanks man, heard amazing things about these, hopefully I get to put them in use before winter
2016-09-18 00:23:00
180sx Conversion is being pushed forward
Finally after months of locally searching, found a good set of OEM Fenders. I really want to keep an oem look with as much aero "behind the scenes" to keep the car stealthy I would post a pic of an idea of the finished product

Replaced my the hood hinges with OEM replacements. Man I just love replacing old with new OEM parts lol

This is basically how I want my car to look but with an 180sx spoiler probably try to get someone to extend the spoiler about a 1/2-1 inch up, reason is i'm trying to build my car like the "Mine's R34" Oem looking with pure functionality to response and performance.

So this is not so stealthy with the fenders but it's for function & clearance. I'm hoping to get them pulled and rolled to be able to fit my 235 tire & hopefully a 255 or 265 tire setup without over fenders I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of work but this is the idea of what I hope it comes out to be & this guys s14 had over fender molded in the rear which i'm really liking but at the same time my friend said since it'll be a track car then I shouldn't mold it. But with all the money i'm spending I think i might just do it considering there's like no good technical tracks around so it'll probably see like 2 track days per year IF THAT !

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2016-09-24 06:06:42
180sx conversion pt. 2
So got basically everything needed to mount my bumper THE PROPER WAY WITH NO SAG & i'm so happy these are all Genuine oem parts glad to see that they're still in rotation, Can't seem to find an oem type x front lip though & I could imagine since my car would be lowered it wouldn't make sense to spend crazy amount of money on something so exposed to rocks, and driveways etc... so I will be purchasing a replica lip sometime soon. Also purchased the fender extensions since there was like 3 sets left & the paint on them makes me NOT want to mount this bumper so afraid of the future road damage

Also got my rear brake lines braided, Hopefully during the engine swap I will get all the hard lines steel braided if possbile

Anywho updates been slow, the shop has been getting some work in lately so my car has been put on hold which I don't mind, plus schools been kicking my butt.

Been brainstorming ideas for a new daily & restoring the 240 makes me really want to semi restore another car I was thinking a b14 again but going with a vq swap for more reliability & parts availability. Just waiting on the info from Brownspeed to show me pics of how the a/c is mounted in the chassis. b14 + 09 fwd maxima motor sounds plentiful for a daily right ? maybe project 2017 So if anyone is thinking of selling ONLY a 1995 SE-R B14, keep me in your crosshairs. Other than that I was thinking an E36 m3, audi s4, K-series Integra, CRX, EG hatch (but we know how that goes in the Honda world) or just getting a boring daily, but time & financial standings will tell. If anyone has recommendations I'm all ears

My old b14 for pics since I took them down from the 1st page
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2016-10-06 06:22:15
Loving this thread
2016-10-06 13:33:49
Great work. Keep it up!
2016-10-06 15:12:56
Looking good!
2016-10-06 18:23:42
Thanks guys appreciate it. Here's a small update

Voodoo arms installed

Upper shot of the power steering lines. Going to replace the pump when I do a swap (this one works fine but we'll see how it performs under heavy loads) hopefully I can get a brand new unit

New rear end hardware I think it's upgraded to grade 12 I forgot but it's a lot stronger than OEM

& She now sits on her own legs now Just a test fit to see where she stands & wow the drop knuckles already make the car appear low but the clearance & how "stock" the suspension geometry looks is amazing. This thing I have a feeling is going to be super fun even with a stock KA. I have plenty of adjustments to go lower but i'm pretty content with this ride height plus when I get the car aligned, fenders rolled & the beefy 255 tire set up in the future that it will look real good

That rear curb rash is bothering me soooo much so might just repaint it black for the mean time, i'm really enjoying this murdered out theme but there's too many 180 & regular s13s that are black in NY so the secret color should be revealed spring/summer 2017 hopefully

Till next time guys
2016-10-07 11:02:47
It *WILL* be super fun "even with a stock KA"!!! My S13 was super fun to drive even when it had blown suspension! Truf.
2016-10-07 19:28:06
Originally Posted by 1fastser
It *WILL* be super fun "even with a stock KA"!!! My S13 was super fun to drive even when it had blown suspension! Truf.

I can't wait !
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