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Thread: It's ALIVE! but FML once again, this is absolutely ridiculous what I found

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2014-06-28 23:42:28
edit: double post see below
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2014-06-28 23:44:14

It's starts and runs. It was 1) Bad dizzy - 2) the Autozone crap dizzy cap didn't make full connection 3) A buncha bad wiring

The older "tech" dude is the one to get credit. We pulled up the FSM diagrams and he went from wire to wire. I sawed off the bottom ear of the dizzy though


The fucking tow company that towed it from where it broke down must have fucked up because my lower oil pan is absolutely pulverized. I of course didn't notice until now as its been sitting and I had no reason to get under it. It's scraped to shit and dented.

I only let it idle about 5 minutes an drove it around the block once. The idle was choppy at first but started to smooth out and then I shut it off to reattach some stuff, jacked it up to make sure the 02 sensor was snug in the header and I noticed the oil pan. (pics coming soon)

What would you guys do? see I get free towing thru my insurance company and I know the exact place it broke down at, this gas station, so they surely know who towed it. There's no way it happened any other way as it was towed to my house and sat since early May. And I drove it around the block just when it started up today for about 90 seconds, and I certainly didn't run over a giant piece of metal or something. My car isn't even that low, like a 1.2" drop at most with the K-sports.

never ends for me. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. will snap a pic later
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2014-06-29 01:04:43
Pull both oil pans tap the block and boost that sucker. Oh yeah and fix the pan while your at it.......or did I get that backwards? Lol
2014-06-29 01:34:26
I would just throw a new oil pan in and chock it up as a loss. You, unfortunatly, have no real proof they did it. As long as nothing catastrophic happened, i wouldn't persue.
2014-06-29 01:43:00
with no real proof, it'll be your word vs theirs...

bang the dent out. check oil pressure....

So when you said it was the dizzy... was it bad or was it just a loose connector?
2014-06-29 02:50:08
I believe I have proof. There's metallic sort of yellowish paint of some sort all over the scrapes on the cross member, oil pan, sway bar on passenger side, header etc. Cross member is also cracked. Oil pan is by far the worst. Sway bar is pushed backwards and up and in. So I need to (or someone will) confirm the paint color one of the 2 tow trucks that picked up and dropped off my car to me which I'm sure they have a record of. If I hit a rock or something it would be different, but there's a distinct coloring everywhere.

My brother is a lawyer and tol me to call the insurance company Monday about it. since I get free towing thru them as a customer, but they use independent tow companies, they'd either go after the company if they find its enough evidence (plus I have about 20 people who will say the car has not moved since like May 10th or something until today) and take them to court or settle because Nationwide therefore used a towing company that damaged one of their customers vehicles, which they don't want to be involved in. There's probably $1,000 in damage.

Pics coming soon. This is soooo fucked. I can't believe it..

Oh and @unijabnx2000 - I'm not sure. I think it was mostly the wiring. It's pretty bad. The dude who was over today offered to re-do the entire wiring harness with better wiring for $100 bucks. I said sure come next week, this was before I got under the car.

I see Greg has the pan here for $92. Not bad: http://gspec.com/p-5997-oil-pan-lower-sr20ve-sr20-rr.aspx
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2014-06-29 03:04:03
Originally Posted by daveracer
As long as nothing catastrophic happened, i wouldn't persue.

I don't know that nothing catastrophic happened just yet. I of course have not started the motor since I noticed the damage.. I drained the oil and we went out to dinner, just got back, and I don't particularly like the the consistency of it. Its Valvoline synthetic 5W-30 but its way too thick. I wouldn't be surprised.. I'm going to pull the pan off tomorrow and see what I can find.
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2014-06-29 03:19:09
If you dont mind someone welding up the hole....
Ive got a RR pan i'll snap some pictures of for you. Hole is from junkyard, they drilled it instead of removing bolt to drain the oil. Good condition other wise... 34 shipped ?
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2014-06-29 03:46:43
People of Earth -

yes I have edited this post because it was going to unfairly represent things. The header had a few front to back scrapes at the very bottom, that's it. No airflow was impeded. It had no holes. It was in good working order. Buyer was aware. And this thread was around since June.
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2014-06-29 04:12:41
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
If you dont mind someone welding up the hole....
Ive got a RR pan i'll snap some pictures of for you. Hole is from junkyard, they drilled it instead of removing bolt to drain the oil. Good condition other wise... 34 shipped ?

You mean the roller rocker will fit on the VE?

I will let you know. I have to call my insurance company on Monday. Here's what I was just told by legal: they will send someone to look at the car and determine if it was in fact damaged by the tow truck when it was pulled up onto it or whatever. I/we all know it was because the car sat in my garage for 2 months unmoving bc it wouldn't start. I never thought to look underneath I was so consumed with the wires up top. And today I found them. So then the insurance company will ask the towing company to pay for the damages. If company refuses, they file a suit on my behalf to collect money for damages and my deductible. I'm reading that most of the time the tow company settles and pays up because their are so many tow companies that the a major insurance company like Nationwide will stop using their services and go to another company. I'm going to go with this for now, and if it doesn't get me far, I'll file my own suit. Its nice having your closest brother being an attorney.
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