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Thread: It's ALIVE! but FML once again, this is absolutely ridiculous what I found

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2014-06-27 14:07:00
Why are you going with a JWT ecu?
2014-06-27 14:12:06
Originally Posted by Storm88000
The ECU has not been changed, yet.. Going with JWT's ECU VE program, already have one just waiting on them to send me the "chip.". I want to dyno the Calum ECU and the JWT ECU back to back. The JWT ECU will be tuned for the VE of course, N1 cams, 333cc injectors, N60 MAF, and no rev limit. JWT won't or will not or cannot (don't know which) set any SR20 rev limit past 7950RPM; my Calums rev limit is 8250~ish and I'm often hitting it on accidentally, and my motor made its most power at 8000RPM on the d-jet so I'm going to try to get the limiter set at 8600RPM instead.

Should be interesting to dyno them back to back. I have a feeling the JWT will make more power down low but the peak WHP will be around the same. I am most interested in low range torque gains. Will be leaving everything else the same, VVL activation at 5200RPM, same 93 octane fuel etc.

Where do you get this info from? What gives you the idea that the JWT will make more power down low?

FYI: You will not get a limiter set past 8150rpm from JWT either. You should look into an MSD unit to control the limiter past there or firmware such as tunercode.
2014-06-27 14:33:34
Nissan data scan would be really helpful here. you would be able to see all the voltages in one place.
2014-06-27 14:49:57
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Only other thing I did was rewire the MAF because one wire pulled loose, and put a new cap and rotor on the distributor (on my 2nd of each now). Went to start the car and it made a funny clicking sound.

If the problem started after you rewired the MAF, I'd go back to that area as a starting point...

My .02
2014-06-27 15:03:12
Check to make sure you didn't bite or pull anything in the harness. When you put in the tranny maybe something got caught and is grounding now. The maf wires did you just cut and rewire or did one by one as it was before.
2014-06-27 15:05:36
Just tow the car to Conneticut let Jaime fix it for you. Your close and I bet the car would have been figured out already. Spending money and time for as long as you have,it's time to get it in the right hands.good luck
2014-06-27 15:08:44
This whole thread is making my brain stem spin circles....... I just dunno why you would remove the custom, Jamie Marsh tuned ECU for some basic, generic, JWT garble.

JWT worked in its day. That day has passed, the sun has set. I used a JWT forever in my B14 and the NEMU blows that thing apart. Even if you are doing this for a back-to-back-to-back comparison, don't get rid of that Marsh tuned ECU for your car. That makes baby jesus cry out loud.
2014-06-27 17:52:15
Have you tried starting at the battery? Not just the voltage but put it on a load tester.
2014-06-27 19:53:16
You need to make sure you didn't plug the reverse switch plug onto your coil. I've started a lot of SERs for people that did this.
2014-06-27 20:04:45
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by Andrew(nj)
So this just happened out of no where?

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Pretty much yeah. Installed clutchmasters fx500 clutch in April, drove it for about 200-300 miles to break it in. It has not started since 2nd week in May. Only other thing I did was rewire the MAF because one wire pulled loose, and put a new cap and rotor on the distributor (on my 2nd of each now). Went to start the car and it made a funny clicking sound. It sounds real strong when cranking but just won't hit. All electrical accessories work.

I guess the MAF, distributor, rotor and ECU that you touched wouldn't be a good starting point...
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