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Thread: It's ALIVE! but FML once again, this is absolutely ridiculous what I found

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2014-06-27 22:04:45
Originally Posted by kevwal
You need to make sure you didn't plug the reverse switch plug onto your coil. I've started a lot of SERs for people that did this.

Thanks. Checked that all good. I got a Nissan tech over here who can't figure this shit out. He said he hasn't seen an "boxy Sentra" in years in such good shape. Lol. 2 friends who are mechanics and 1 tech and no start. Been at it since 2PM
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2014-06-28 00:00:01
Watch it be something simple.....
2014-06-28 04:28:17
Originally Posted by blusteelsr20
Watch it be something simple.....

Yep, I wouldn't be surprised. 4 people have put a combined 28 hours into trying to figure this out in the last 2 days. 2 friends who are good with cars and sort of "freelance" as mechanics (they are doing an engine swap for this guy tomorrow in his Bonneville or something), and this older guy who has worked for 34 years I think he said, as a technician mostly with electrical stuff. After we tried for another 6 hours I had to leave for work, so everyone left but the tech wouldn't take any money b/c he couldn't figure it out, he was like "i'm going to figure this shit out then you can pay me" - head spinning. Right now I'm going to go back out there and making sure we didn't miss anything on the ECU harness and go over it a couple times.
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2014-06-28 07:19:36
While this video of my car having start up issues was recorded a few months ago and we eventually fixed the issue, this is EXACTLY how it sounds now when trying to start. Like, totally 100 percent. Obviously I checked for that problem about 10 times (blown engine control fuse in cabin and loose ignition wire) and it's not that:

2014-06-28 08:22:19
Heres an idea, wire 12v straight from battery to coil an see what happens..

It could be a faulty ignition switch, seen it happen.. shit would crank like a beast but not fire but would fire if hot wired.. that was my datsun tho haha..

Oh ya one mo ting.. if you unbolt the dist but leave it plugged in then turn it by hand you should be able to hear the injectors tick..
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2014-06-28 08:56:21
So grab some wiring (I have a roll of 18 gauge) and run it from the positive battery terminal to which part of the coil?
2014-06-28 12:36:21
Probably better to take your meter and check for voltage at the coil. It could be the resistor.
2014-06-28 13:40:30
Originally Posted by kevwal
Probably better to take your meter and check for voltage at the coil. It could be the resistor.

We had very very weak voltage at the coil. Got a brand new one, same reading. I think it was like 6v or something when cranking the motor.

Here's another question. so I pulled much of the dash apart. On the passenger side, behind the kick panel under the blower resistor (where your right foot would be if you were sitting in the front passenger seat) there is another relay, brownish I think and it has maybe 6 wires coming out of it. According to the FSM, and this doesn't make much sense to me, it says that it is the "Ignition relay # 3 (no sunroof) or Sunroof relay" - now I don't have a sunroof and never did, so what is that thing doing? Is it part of my ignition but for some reason when you have a B13 with a sunroof it doesn't need that or runs it from elsewhere? No idea.
2014-06-28 13:58:38
x2 on running wire from battery to coil +
Sounds like there is a bad spot in wiring going to it...
2014-06-28 14:12:39
Check to see if the distributor has adequate voltage
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