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Thread: 90mm bore 12.5 build in planning stages.. searched but all results are OLD lol

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2014-07-26 01:22:07
Also on a side note I may have finally found the place to get my sr20ve :-) ... a local shop can now apparently get them .. ive known the owner awhile as my best friend used to work for him and I have bought numerous things from him so yay .. the current offerings I had to choose from were not good for me due to shipping .. I HAVE to be able to pick it up around my schedule and couldn't drive far since the supercharged frontier gets a whopping 12mpg and requires 93 oct lol .. but yeap just waiting for him to verify with his connections and get me a price.
2014-08-01 15:43:21
You can have any configuration of parts, as long as you can make it work as a system, that determines your power. VVL heads flow well, but when they are well ported, and you can legit get to 300cfm+ numbers thats where the power is at. The bottom end is just there to suck squish and take a bang.

Originally Posted by Fatman489
You sound very knowledgeable .. to the point where alot of that was basically german to my simple mind lol but again I welcome the information you provided even ic I dont YET understand all of it .. I am still researching and learning the mofe technical side of this so maybe one day ill reread what you post and understand all of it lol

on a side note all other things identical how much power does everyone think would differ between 86-88-90mm bores? The more I read the more I think maybe the 1800ish $ for the sleeved block to run 90mm bore may be better spent on a set of hayward ITBs or at the very least a custom intake manifold .. I mean if I decide that I infact do want the 90mm setup im not opposed to spending the money I just thought if the gains were minimal id rather not mess with it simply because the extra wait time .. both in terms of getting the block done and saving the cash to have it done .. im very excited to have a quick b13 as my last one was a simple ga16de untill I traded it to a friend and he blew the 1.6 and we swapped it to a DE lol but id definitely like to hear opinions on the bore vs hp thing.
2014-08-01 16:13:05
Yea I get that .. thats why my plan is as follows : drop stock 20ve in the car so I can drive it .. next step is nismotronic .. then onc3 I start building the built motor first step will be the head .. plan to have a beasty head done up first then once the head is done I will focus efforts on the bottom end. Because I strongly feel as though the head will be the main power maker.
2014-08-04 23:11:26
Good luck, even a stock VE in a B13 is great
2014-08-14 18:28:02
good luck
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