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Thread: 90mm bore 12.5 build in planning stages.. searched but all results are OLD lol

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2014-06-13 00:19:17
90mm bore 12.5 build in planning stages.. searched but all results are OLD lol
Hows it going guys I am currently planning out my first ever all motor build and have hit a few speed bumps. I dont really have a end goal just after a strong fun b13 lol .. I am still just researching alot of aspect of the build but wanted to also get some opinions and info from those of you who have been doing this alot longer than me lol .. the car will kinda be a daily driver but since im a t4uck driver I'm only home 4 or so days month so not truely a daily lol.

build plans as of now(not set in stone just current thinking):
VE block .. DE girdle and crank ... VE head(obviously lol)
cp 90mm 12.5 pistons
Lightest forged rods I can find
fidanza flywheel
supertech springs and retainers
depending on the cost I may have a custom intake manifold made with a larger throttle body .. but if cost is pretty high I may just spring the extra cash for ITBs(something ive always wanted anyway lol)
head will be worked .. unsure of by who at this point but I definitely want a beast of a head
Cams are up in the air .. my current choices are leaning towards the tried and true n1s or possibly 184cs .. the kelfords are only a little more money so cost isnt important to me
And I will have the rotating assembly balanced and all that good stuff.
Header is still up in the air aswell .. still studying up on header theory and such

but that about sums it up .. like I said im still digging through the info on here just wanted to get a discussion started for some criticism and general chit chat lol
2014-06-13 08:25:53
try marsh tuning or mazworx for your needs. the hard bit (by the multiple fails on here) are getting the liners/machining right. jamie has done some killer 2.3 builds, has done intakes and exhausts as well.

sounds like a nice list there...
2014-06-13 08:41:26
Yea I was probably going to go through mazworx for the sleeving ... seems placement and installation of the sleeves is extremely critical so last thing I want to do is drop a sleeve because of shoddy install lol .. I really want to get a custom header built for the setup aswell but im kinda worried that a 90x86 wont be enough and ill have to stroke it out some lol so custom header would be wasted as it obviously wouldn't be ideal for a different setup than the 2.2 .. like I said its all still in planning stages so I may end up just stroking off the bat .. go balls out the first time soI dont have to do it again type deal .. obviously it wont be something that happens over night but as soon as my frontier is paid off that alone will free up a good bit of money and since im basically on hiatus from my audio hobby that leaves some available aswell... if I go larger than a 2.2 im definitely going to have to reconsider my goals and what to expect when shes done lol but definitely looking forward to this since few in my area have a clue how potent a B13 can be :-)
2014-06-13 11:33:59
Sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Have you considered keeping the bore down to 88mm on a stock sleeve? The added cost of sleeving might not add enough hp to make it worth it. An 88/86 VE with more head work and management might be better. Good luck.
2014-06-13 13:04:50
With a good custom intake manifold and custom header, head work, and 90x86mm build, you are looking close to 300WHP, 280WHP easy from what others have done. Stay with the 86 stroke, many have not had good luck with stroker cranks.

I love my 88x86mm build, 90mm would be quite a bit of fun.
2014-06-13 13:23:34
Might want to look into these new vvl killer cams that are coming...

88x86 would definitely save funds.

Mazworx block with Marsh head is what you need. Definitely need a custom intake.
2014-06-13 15:20:56
First set a goal on how much power you want!!
Then plan to build a motor based on that!!
Then think if you want a car to be able to drive it and travel around the states on it or a weekend warrior jejeje
You also need to think about the transmission setup you will use and the on how to make the car to transfer all the power to the street
2014-06-13 17:00:30
Im pretty set on 90mm bore .. the added cost of sleeves is worth it to me. A 91 sentra SE was basically my first car ( I say basically because I had about 6 others before but none were ever legalized to drive lol) and that was 10 years ago and since then ive had probably 25-30 other cars and I have always missed my b13 and when I had it I was broke and making minimum wage so I couldn't do what I wanted to with it. Well now I am an owner operator long haul semi truck driver and make more in a week than I used too in a month so now that I have another b13 it will be be built how I want it too without consideration of cost .. I mean obviously itll be somewhat realistic but if its what I truely want for the car cost wont be a deciding factor lol ... as far as driving it it has to be able to be driven on the street .. it wont be a long trip car but I have to be able to cruise around in it lol transmission im pretty sure im going with a b15 5spd with taller final drive .. hp goals I dont have one ....as much as possible lol .. minimum 250whp anything extra is just a bonus I guess .. thats kinda saddening about the stroker cranks would have been fun to have a 2.4 or so vvl lol but if close to 275-300 is doable without stroking that should be plenty of fun in a b13 chassis. Thanks for all the info you guys
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2014-06-13 17:28:29
I would like to ask why you wish to utilize the DE crank and girdle?
2014-06-13 17:40:21
Simple really .. a girdle over individual main caps creates a brace to keep the bottem end closer to true .. may not be required but while im in there why not? .. the DE crank is 8cw vs the ve 4cw .. once I have it lightened up a little and balanced out with the rest of the rotating assembly it should in theory add more stability in the upper rpms. I am in no way saying the 4cw cant be revved to the heavens just for me personally id rather have the added piece of mind. With the lightening of the rotating assembly it should remain close to stock weight in my mind anyway but be more easily balanced and again in my mind be safer. This is just my opinion on it could be overkill could be minimal or no help idk lol
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