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Thread: DE distributor wiring to DE wiring harness for VE swap

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2014-06-02 08:41:25
VE distributor uses 8 wires in 1 connector and contains coil, resistor, Power transistor and camshaft position sensor.

Using VE distributor combines 4 connectors(coil, resistor and condenser, Power transistor and camshaft position sensor) in B13 DE to 1 connector that plugs VE distributor.

Part number 221001n510.

Im totally confused now what is happening here, but i hope everything sorts out.

This is newer sentra distributor plugs, uses 2 plugs(connectors)

Are you sure you have anything other VE stuff there then motor? SR20VE engine harness has only 1 connector(8 wires) for distributor stuff, and if your current engine harness has 4 plugs(2x 4 wires(resistor and condenser and camshaft position sensor), 1x 3 wires(Power transistor) and 1x 2 wires(ignition coil)) then it is not VE harness but B13 DE.
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2014-06-02 16:38:43
DE distributor wiring to VE question?
I followed the "how to" thread. And it works... Now i can run OBD1 or VE dizzy with no problem.

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2014-06-02 16:42:31
You may be right. It could just be the DE wiring. going to look at the car again
2014-06-02 17:23:17
Is this the diagram?

I can hardly read what the letters say:

2014-06-02 17:48:33
Don't know if this will help but -



Ive already confirmed like I mentioned yesterday, I know for SURE the green in that photo goes to the yellow.

I had to take him to work today. he never changed the damn oil in his se-r. I said just go buy oil and a filter ill do it for you free and hes like ehh ill go to jiffy lube next week. wtf lol. warned him that with the SR20s oil maintenance is an absolute must. pulling out that DE was a lot harder than putting in the VE and this is the last snag. I have tested the starter, alternator, battery, and the ECU. I pulled his ECU and just brought it home and my car started with it since we are both tuned for the N62 MAF- it ran a bit funny but it worked.

I'm posting from outside by the car, I may just pull the whole distributor and if that doesn't work I'll get a VE diz from Andreas
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2014-06-02 17:59:57
Also I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet, but where the heck is the connection for this? can't find it and I don't remember if mine has one either:
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2014-06-02 18:03:56
oops double post
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2014-06-02 20:32:23
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Is this the diagram?

I can hardly read what the letters say:

Letters are just wire colors, and they don't matter. only pin order matters. I gave you link for FSM and page numbers that tells you how to check what wire is what with multimeter.
2014-06-03 03:01:50
That purple plug comes only on the VE harness. If he threw it away you'll need to swap in the DE AIV
2014-06-03 03:14:53
Sorry man, I took a look at your pictures and notes I had from my swap and what I came up with is what @Sentraga and @Mobsters already suggested

Harness Orange - Distributor Red
Harness Yellow - Distributor Green
Harness Black - Distributor Black
Harness Blue - Distributor White

I'm not much help here! But I'd go back to what I said earlier about using the mutimeter to find what ecu pins those harness wires terminate at. That will tell you what signal it is. You're using an external coil and transistor right? were those cut as well? are they 100% correct?
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