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Thread: DE distributor wiring to DE wiring harness for VE swap

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2014-06-03 03:16:37
double post again wth
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2014-06-03 03:57:01
Well.. he had the car towed to his friends shop. Thanks to all who helped me. Fucking wiring. Unfortunately @P10 Goodness I just got your message now.

It's ultimately his damn fault though. I told him not to touch anything until I inspected the motor. Argh
2014-06-03 06:46:10
Originally Posted by P10
Sorry man, I took a look at your pictures and notes I had from my swap and what I came up with is what @Sentraga and @Mobsters already suggested

Harness Orange - Distributor Red
Harness Yellow - Distributor Green
Harness Black - Distributor Black
Harness Blue - Distributor White

I'm not much help here! But I'd go back to what I said earlier about using the mutimeter to find what ecu pins those harness wires terminate at. That will tell you what signal it is. You're using an external coil and transistor right? were those cut as well? are they 100% correct?

Yep. Using external coil and I had a really good and multimeter, set of sockets, dremel, drill, and crowbar that all seemed to have magically wandered off on their own (RE: lent them to someone who never returned and I've moved) but now that he had it towed guess it doesn't matter.

Another question - if the distributor wires are completely disconnected (but the battery is still hooked up) will the ECU receive any power (to show codes)

Regardless its all good and I appreciate your help
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2014-06-04 04:13:38
You're learning on the fly, no one said it would be easy. These cars are worth it in the long run. I have the VE distributor in the 94 but can go back to the DE distributor at any time with OEM connectors attached to the VE pigtail, just add the resistor.
2014-06-05 01:41:39
And I can't see colors unless they're really bright which really hinders wiring stuff. Only 8 out of 100 people are colorblind and I'm one of them.
2014-06-08 10:18:37
Originally Posted by Storm88000
And I can't see colors unless they're really bright which really hinders wiring stuff. Only 8 out of 100 people are colorblind and I'm one of them.

me too. before the questions come, the sky is blue (mostly) the grass is green ( least thats what people say ) and the top colour on the traffic light means stop. being colour-blind doesn't stop you having common sense. we see what you see.

i get dark blue and purple , dark green and brown mixed up all the time, and i'll swear that a brown pencil and a brown texta are different colour's, because there different shades, or different textures.

that said, i'll leave wiring to an electrican (cause kill someone)
2014-07-17 15:22:33
So what was the issue with this?
2014-07-17 19:16:30
It was a crap distributor, lol
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