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Thread: DE distributor wiring to DE wiring harness for VE swap

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2014-05-31 19:24:34
DE distributor wiring to DE wiring harness for VE swap
Update: sorry for the confusion. we're using the stock 91 SE-R wiring harness to connect to the distributor.

Pain in the ass! We are working on putting a VE into a 91 SE-R. Been at since this morning, all is good except the stupid distributor crap. We/he elected to keep his DE distributor and wiring.

The only one I know for sure is the YELLOW goes to GREEN but now we have 3 wires that are all mixed up hanging there.

The DE distributor wire colors are: white, red, and black.

For anyone that has not used an actual plastic harness to connect these or if you know anyway, I need to know which of these wires connect to what above in bold/italics. Anyone? Thank you.

p.s. I did go home to look on my B13 VE and see how it's wired and write a diagram down, but no help. all my wires are f'ed up anyway and covered in black tape and didn't feel like messing with them- now I'm home again and have no choice really its the guys only car and he needs it for work for Monday. figured 2 days would be long enough to do it
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2014-05-31 19:36:43
Oh here's a photo of the DE wiring minus the GREEN that goes to the YELLOW:
2014-05-31 19:50:25
Why wont he just use DE loom to use DE distributor? Where you need the VE harness?

Im sorry if i misunderstand this, but you are putting VE engine to SE-R that has sr20de? and using DE distributor? but using VE harness?
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2014-05-31 20:02:43
I honestly don't know what he did. he started cutting up wires on the motor on the stand before I got there, no loom. I didn't notice until we started wiring things up.

Yes, the SR20VE motor is now in a 91 SE-R and SR20DE motor is out. I have 3 wires left to connect for the motor to start, sounds strong just won't start, and right now since they are all different colors on both ends we don't know which goes to which except the yellow goes to green wire. So I either spend 2 hours mixing and matching or wondering if someone knew which colors went to which would be a lot more helpful.

Odd problem I know, I don't know why he did that. I am home now told him I'd do some research and return.
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2014-05-31 20:15:05
2014-05-31 20:50:37
Says that's for a 94?

I just tried it per diagram and no start
2014-05-31 21:02:24
Pictures of the plugs with wires would be helpful, as its really hard to get by with wire colors only
2014-05-31 21:14:29
That's just the thing, they are all different colors. My friend Omar just showed up in his B13 VE to pick up some parts and his is different too
2014-05-31 21:22:50
4 wires in 1 plug coming from DE dizz,
1 is ground, likely Black
1 is power, likely Red
2 other is camshaft position wires(CMPS), likely green and yellow.

Now i would guess that on your colors of VE harness, Orange is power, Black is ground, Blue and Yellow are CMPS wires. If you have all other wires corretly, 8 wires to mess around on VE dizz harness.

If you have ignition coil, resistor&condenser and power transistor Wired in corretly, then all you need is figure what is power and ground on VE harness and then test CMPS wires witch way is corret, only 2 wires to switch around.

the easiest way is if you have VE dizz plug that you can check wire colors, then look at B13 fsm for DE dizz colors and what function they have and done.

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2014-05-31 22:07:30
I thought storm was color blind. Or did the other guys check the wire colors?
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