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Thread: More starting problems ARGH #(*#(*$!!!

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2014-05-11 07:13:38
Originally Posted by SUNNYGTR93
Sounds like no fuel... Take out the back seat and bang on the fuel pump housing carefully

Lol. that's actually a clever idea. FWIW the tank is 3/4ths full.. not that that would make a difference with the pump

As for other questions - after the video in the OP from a few months ago and I got it started, it ran PERFECT for almost a month, like 200 miles. Not one single issue, until the radiator blew, and being really busy with work and parting out the SE-L, it sat for about a month without moving until I finally got a new one and put it in. I first thought it was the battery, so I jumped it, but nope.

@gio94sr20ve - you're probably right. I'm 80 percent sure it's a wiring issue with the ignition coil or ignitor. But what bugs me is I never had ONE STARTING PROBLEM with this motor until I did the clutch. Like I knocked something loose, or it could be a coincidence....?

The plugs are dry BTW
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2014-05-11 07:35:54
Is the tranny - chassis ground wire terminated?
2014-05-11 07:38:28
Originally Posted by 91p10
Is the tranny - chassis ground wire terminated?

Are you talking about the wiring harness on top of the trans? I'll check it out

I checked all other grounds and they were good, if you mean the larger ones
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2014-05-11 07:42:31
Originally Posted by se200
remove that JGY logo from the intake pipe then try it.......................JK... or not

LOL!! That JGY sticker is next to impossible to get off. It used to say JGY customs and I got rid of the "customs" word but JGY, its like melted on there. I'll take a razor to it tomorrow
2014-05-11 21:51:03
Hey so I figured it out sorta, I need the 1992 Sentra SE-R wiring schematic specifically pertaining to the fuel pump relay, does anyone have a link to this?

2014-05-11 23:28:54
Originally Posted by squirlz
It does not sound like it is even trying to start. No spark or no fuel.

You my friend are a genius, your post made me go in a different direction. it's something up with the fuel pump relay.

I was able to get it started by connecting a wire to the positive battery terminal and then "jumping" it by attaching the other end to the fuel pump relay, it runs fine, but of course the second you remove the wire, it stutters, then stalls once the fuel pump won't well, pump.

I didn't notice it but the fuel pump hadn't been priming with the accessories on. That's why I asked if anyone had the wiring diagram.
2014-05-11 23:50:42
rewire your fuel pump, run a new relay and use the power wire from the pump to turn on the new relay.
2014-05-11 23:53:13
How To Use NICOclub.com?s Factory Service Manual Database
2014-05-12 00:25:46
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
rewire your fuel pump, run a new relay and use the power wire from the pump to turn on the new relay.

2014-05-12 23:59:05
Whats funny is it runs fine with it rigged but the fuel pump primes even with the key off when hooked up like this, so that would be a major pain everytime I went somewhere would have to pop the hood and pull the wire off the + terminal. ha
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