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Thread: More starting problems ARGH #(*#(*$!!!

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2014-05-10 19:49:38
More starting problems ARGH #(*#(*$!!!
When I first put the FX500 clutch in '92 VE this happened. Right now I'm getting the same starting problem as I took when I first had the problem:


This was like 2 months ago. At that particular time, some of the pins on the wiring harness from the distributor were kinda messed up. Fixed, it ran great for about a month, then my radiator blew, and I was tending to that for awhile, and put it in, my slim fans just came and I just went to start it yesterday and the same thing is going on again.

Here's what I did so far today:

-Found another harness from a G20 at the pull yard, wired it up
-Re soldered the N60 MAF wires (just in case)
-Checked cabin fuses (last time the Engine Control fuse was blown)
-Pulled the harness that was giving me problems, I didn't notice anything abnormal

So I'm kinda at a loss here. I don't know what this has to do with the clutch replacement but in three years the car has never done this before, and now twice in a couple months....?


Edit: it's something up with the fuel pump relay
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2014-05-10 21:23:11
1. Fuel
2. Spark
3. Compression

what are each looking like?
2014-05-10 22:27:58
It's something with #2, something to with wiring, listen to the video, it sounds strong like it just wants to turn over and start but just can't.
2014-05-10 22:33:45
All that cranking sounds actually tells you is that the starter and battery are good. You could have the same healthy cranking with bad compression, no fuel or no spark.

That said, pull a spark plug. Is it wet? potential spark issue. Is it dry? Probably a fueling problem. Start there. Then maybe do a compression test for fun since it only takes a few minutes and is info that is good to have anyway.
2014-05-10 22:36:15
Either spark or fuel problems could, of course, be caused by faulty wiring but the first thing you need to know is what isn't reaching the cylinder, then you can track down why.
2014-05-10 23:38:38
It does not sound like it is even trying to start. No spark or no fuel.
2014-05-10 23:53:00
remove that JGY logo from the intake pipe then try it.......................JK... or not

As stated above check for spark and fuel I have seen this happen due to a bad injector ground. Use an old spark plug on each wire, set the plug on a grounded surface and watch for spark as its cranked. For the injectors pull the rail but leave it connected via wiring and fuel, place a towel under the rail/injector ports (I pull the coil wire when I do this is avoid a firy death) and crank the eninge then check each injector location to see if fuel was released. Thats how I narrow it down when I fix issues like this. good luck
2014-05-11 01:13:39
Check the igniter wires and coil wires. If you worked around that area to pull the race pony.
2. G20 harness does not start in b13's fuel relay is not there.
2014-05-11 01:21:16
Like gio said check the igniter wires for continuity from inside the plug to say 5" or so behind it. I had one of the wires break in the sheeth on mine and it was doing the same thing your car is doing. followed the FSM procedures and all was good.
2014-05-11 04:02:48
Sounds like no fuel... Take out the back seat and bang on the fuel pump housing carefully
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