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Thread: Opinions on this cooling setup for NA VE?

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2014-04-27 23:25:20
so get a stock one and be done with it
2014-04-27 23:27:10
Originally Posted by morgans432
bet if you looked and mishimoto and godspeed side by side they would be pretty damn close

bet you the inlets and outlets come as 1.6 instead of the 2.0 was a common problem for a while

haha mine came with the exact opposite problem. 2.0 fittings instead of 1.6.
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2014-04-27 23:29:48
they never ever get it right haha
2014-04-28 03:27:39
Originally Posted by morgans432
so get a stock one and be done with it

well I need a slim fan at the least for the passenger side. might as well upgrade the rest while I'm doing it. although them saying it "cools 40 percent better" is bull, maybe it does like 12-14 percent, good enough for me. The motor still runs a bit warm sometimes, not overheating, just about 10 degrees more than it should.. I was told by several people that the particular Tsuru grille I had on may have played a role b.c its poorly designed in reference to air flow, so I just ditched that and got a 93 SE-R front end
2014-04-28 05:25:32
i've been running 1 stock driver side fan for years, na and turbo, even now.. same on my buddys car.. now both cars have ebay radiators but they didnt always..

i'd get the radiator and just run the 1 stock driver fan bro, i'd be highly surprised if you had issues.. the fans dont come on while driving only when your below a certain mph so they only really get used while stopped..

what are the exact temps you see?

when i went turbo my stock rad wasnt cuttin it an i upgraded an since then its been fine, i did run some water wetter once but havent again an ive changed the coolant since then an still no problems except for when my heater core hose started leakin an i ran a bit low.

the thing about the bigger radiators is they hold more fluid which will help keep the system cooler all the time, driving or standing still, the fans really only help when stopped and like i said imo you'd be fine with the 1 stock one so get the radiator.
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2014-04-28 05:46:21
Well remember Lynch, I wired my fans directly to a manual switch in the cabin, they will only come on when I turn them on. That began as a faulty relay I couldn't track down and the fans would NEVER come on so I ended up doing that. For a daily driver that would be a pain in this, driven maybe once every 10 days its no biggie. It also keeps me more involved and keeping an eye on things. I don't even think about it anymore, if it's over about 60 degrees, I hit the switch at almost every red light and automatically turn it off once I get going again to about 20mph. Also, I can keep them on when I'm waiting for my turn to hit the track, last year we had one of the hottest summers ever and that really helped. I saw guys with bags of ice on their intake manifolds, which does work, but having your motor off with the fans running works a bit better, at least in getting air to flow over it. Still not sure what I'm going to do about it all, but I'll make a decision tomorrow
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2014-04-28 05:52:29
oh and idle temps had been stable but a few degrees above normal but its always been that way, even after I changed the head gasket in early 2013.
2014-04-28 07:24:35
I've got the godspeed radiator in my p10 with a nismo thermostat. Haven't had an issue with it. I did have my own slim fans already so I didn't get theirs.

The claim of 40% is bs. Just like any other radiator it gets up to normal operating temperature which iirc is around 210ish. And just like any other radiator the temps drop when driving. Even in 100+ degree air temps it doesn't see much more than 185 degrees when driving. Stop and go traffic will get it up to 210ish.

I'll probably be going back to stock though. In my case of mostly daily driving and occasional weekend 1/4 mi runs, it's just not needed and space is always at a premium.

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2014-04-28 12:16:22
i have the same radiator. it cools much better then my nx duel core and does its job but heat soaks very quickly. I have read lots of bad things about the godspeed fans failing quickly so i did not get those. I have two 12" slim fans from siliconeintakes.com. after alot of reading they seemed to have the best cheap fans. They have been working out good for me.

only issue I have had with the rad is that when it came in the mail, the nipple for the coolant overflow was broken off.

my normal cruising temps are between 150-172 on the ECU sensor. When in stop and go traffic, my fans end up kicking on alot, but i have them set to kick on at a relatively low temp.
2014-04-28 13:10:38
I just looked at just getting an OEM one, but Autozone wants $92 for some random brand I never heard of, w/o fans. I know for a fact that I need at least a new radiator and 1 slim fan, at least like 3" or thinner. My driver's side fan can stay there as there's nothing for it to hit, but passenger was hitting the JMR header so that ones pulled for sure.
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