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Thread: N60 MAF wiring assistance please (I'm colorblind)

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2014-04-14 19:56:14
N60 MAF wiring assistance please (I'm colorblind)
1st I didn't do this wiring work, and I hate wiring because I'm actually colorblind. I see only about 20% percent of the colors the normal person (most likely you) sees.

Anyways, after the CMFX500 clutch install, I think all the jerking around of the car and still learning how to drive it smoothly pulled the shoddy wiring loose at the MAF. Car won't rev past 3k and runs like shit and stalls (SR20VE N/A) - so I figured it was the MAF so I pulled the harness off and sure enough many of the wires became separated.

The problem is, I have an extra black wire I don't know where it goes, because this is where the ground is, and it has 3 extra (look like black to me) wires coming off it:

The wire on the bottom that's still connected is black but then turns orange and connects to 1 of these 2 black wires on the left, circled, (or both? no idea) and I don't know which:

I do know that 1 of the black wires was attached to the ground at the end of this wire (here it is removed from the car):

See how it goes from black to some kinda orange or yellow color? And what's with the three black wires still there? Do one of the circled black wires in the 2nd pic down connect to one of those, and if so which, or does it matter? Do I tape one of them of and see if it runs correctly? This sucks because before a neighbor came over and bitched about me revving I was sorta doing trial and error.

Thanks guys.
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2014-04-14 20:49:56
Pin F is not used. Take that ground off

Use the 2 center wires as ground.
2014-04-14 21:28:19

trial and error on maf wiring isnt needed
2014-04-14 21:36:26
Here's a photo of my pigtail:

All I can see is two black ones in the middle, left one thicker than right. I don't know what the other colors are but I see white. From left to right in this photo which one(s)?
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2014-04-14 21:38:25
Originally Posted by morgans432

trial and error on maf wiring isnt needed

I had my friend come over and we tried that, same result. He showed me which color was which, we taped off the one your supposed to not use, and wired both black ones to the ground and same result
2014-04-14 21:44:44
Since you're color blind, want to sell your black valve cover in your avatar?
2014-04-14 21:47:03
hahah. uhhhhhhh
2014-04-14 22:53:52
Could my MAF itself have fried with the wiring being messed up for a buncha start ups?
2014-04-14 23:48:56
yes, you could of damaged your MAF or possibly the ECU.

what is your MAF voltage at idle?

have you checked for codes?
2014-04-15 00:34:47
yep might of fried da maf that sucks.. if a + an a - touched and its not workin right any more after wiring it correctly i'd guess that either the maf fried or something on the ecu, lets hope it was just the maf but id recheck fuses lol i know u just went through all those but it wouldnt hurt..

i believe you can use a multimeter to test the maf to see if its bad but im not sure what to look for.. you can also these the maf wiring it self to make sure its getting 5v with key on
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