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Thread: vvl air fuel ratio problems!

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2014-04-05 03:39:45
vvl air fuel ratio problems!
i have a sr20ve have a fuel guage at idle it reads 42psi but the wide band reads lean....running de ecu idk whats the cause of this thanks in advance
2014-04-05 05:25:04
Bump your base timing to 17 via the distributor.
2014-04-05 13:35:26
The problem is the DE ECU, it will never run good. I know people are doing it but it is not ideal or even safe. Get at least a basic ECU tuned for a VE. Anything you do will be just a band-aid fix until you get a proper tune.
2014-04-05 14:02:38
If you are using a afc i had to bump the idle up around 45%. Without a afc you cant really run it... i was running pig rich full throttle and lean partial throttle
2014-04-05 23:35:09
i only have a wide band to see my air/fuel ratios at idle it reads between 15.4-17.0 and at part throttle runs at 14.7-15.7 never gets close to running rich as it used to run at 10.0-11.7 wot
2014-04-06 06:33:42
your engine hates you, and will probably let you know soon...
2014-04-07 08:15:39
Thats about what mine reads but then again i have an exhaust leak up front haha
2014-04-07 23:33:47
i have a exhaust leak on my downpipe and my flex pipe has a major exhaust leak....my car acts funny at idle it reads beetween 10.0-12.5 i coast it giving part throttle and only every once in a while will it go to 15.7 and up to 17.0
2014-04-08 14:46:04
you really need to fix the exhaust leak. your wideband is getting very inaccurate readings.

also i took this from my mtx-l instructions.

Your MTX-L gauge kit includes a 1” bung. This bung is supplied to best prolong the life of your sensor since it will allow the sensor to sit flush with the exhaust pipe. Using a bung is the preferred method for mounting the O2 sensor for both catalytic and non-catalytic cars.

On CATALYTIC CONVERTER equipped vehicles: Install the oxygen sensor’s bung upstream from the catalytic converter (a bung is included in the MTX-L kit). The bung must be installed in the exhaust pipe at the side
or on top, NOT on the bottom of the exhaust pipe . Any decent muffler or exhaust shop can do this for you. The wide-band oxygen sensor is then installed into the bung to take a reading. The ideal position is between 10:00 and 2:00 position.

On NON-CATALYTIC converter vehicles: You have the option with non-catalytic cars to also use an exhaust clamp as described below. Use of a bung is the preferred method for mounting the 02 sensor for both catalytic and non-catalytic cars.

On TURBO CHARGED vehicles: Install the bung downstream from the turbo but before the catalytic converter. The high exhaust pressure before the turbo interferes with the lambda measurement and the high exhaust temperatures encountered there can damage the sensor.
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