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Thread: bare vvl head, how much do they go for? and other VE research q's and whp estimates

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2014-04-07 17:22:17
Stock cams are worthless, if you can find a head without cams i am not sure you will save all that much.

It would be nice to see flow numbers on a ported P11 VE head vs and ported P12 VE head. Not too many people actually flow bench their heads so there is not much data out there. I Cory or Jamie have put out some numbers out there for their ported P11 heads, but i would not know where to find them.
2014-04-07 17:50:47
yea, my thoughts were with the machine work on the head it would negate the differences between the regular ve head vs the 20v head, unless there would still be differences?
2014-04-07 17:52:15
i also pondered the thought of buying a full p12 20v swap and then modifying that, seeing as i wanted to go 6spd anyways, then i would have everything all there, wouldn't have to source any more parts (except for the on car hydro conversion parts)
2014-04-07 18:16:30
after a quick search on ebay the cheapest (full) 20v swap is actually at an engine importer that is local to me! what are the odds..haha
will be contacting them to see if they have any flexibility on price, and seeing as im a few months out from purchasing anything anyways, they may still have it, as i dont know of many other people who modify FWD sr20s in my area anyways, we'll see i suppose
2014-04-12 10:18:50
200WHP on a VE is easy, just bolt ons and tune.. but to get 250WHP staying NA it's going to cost a small fortune, although if you start with the black top VE which makes about 18 more HP you'll have a better chance
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2014-04-12 15:00:43
250 whp is not as hard to make as u might think.

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2014-04-12 15:54:47
Yeah true^

N1 cams, a decent header and intake and a 90x86 bottom end will make 250 very easily.
2014-04-12 16:14:51
Don't even need 90x86 can be done on 88x86.

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2014-04-12 22:50:54
Just out of curiosity, around what bores does the stock sleeves and cylinder walls start to become an issue? As in thinning them out I mean
2014-04-12 23:01:46
Originally Posted by Mr.sentra_specv
I have a full custom excessive manifold for sale that would do very well on a 2.0-2.2. It also happens to be chilling with marsh tuning if your interested

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rocco what is this you speak of...
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