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Thread: Clutchmasters FX500 install; UPDATE w/ videos on starting problem

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2014-04-04 00:24:49
Today's updated pic:

.. and a couple days later putting in the $100 frikkin dollar NEO 75W-90 RHD gear oil:

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2014-04-08 02:23:25
Everything is put back together, but one problem, (as usual of course) something is up with the throttle cable/pedal, it has like no resistance, it feels funny (clunky kind of) and the car won't start. At first I thought the tank was empty (it was below the E level for a long time) so I went to the gas station, filled up my little tank and added about 4 gallons and the gas gauge went up to a 1/4 tank. Same thing. Starter sounds strong like it wants to start but it won't.

So I had my g/f push the gas pedal while I watched under the hood- the throttle cable/plate moved, but no start. Starter sounds strong, clutch pedal feels good, but it won't turn over. I bet it's something dumb like a nut is loose down at the pedal or something. Also more slack than normal on the throttle cable. Will have to check tomorrow. Anyone have this before or know what it is? (Or think you do)?

Edit: yes you can hear the fuel pump prime when you turn the accessories on.
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2014-04-08 03:46:24
2014-04-08 03:54:47
It sounds like its just about to start but not getting fuel. I think everything is fine except the throttle cable, the gas pedal feels scratch, no resistance (or very low) and notchy, like loose or something

p.s. unfortunately my 99 SE-L is in the garage being parted out as you know, and its dark and raining out and I put a cover over the B13, will look at it again tomrw
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2014-04-08 04:42:47
I might be off base but unless the throttle plate is being held open, I wouldn't worry about a cable issue regarding a no start. You hear the fuel pump so it's priming, I'd check fuel pressure as well. Then like 1fastser said I'd check for spark. was a connector accidentally left unplugged? All these I'd check for before worrying about the throttle cable because the engine should start and even idle with the throttle cable disconnected. But that's just my 2 cents.

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2014-04-08 04:46:37
In the dark I checked all the spark plug wires by feeling the connections and all were good at the VC and the distributor but I didn't get a REALLY good look, supposed to be 62 and sunny tomorrow so I expect to have this all sorted out. Who knows I may mixed two up. I ran out of light and then the rain came.

It just bothers me that the gas pedal feels so "off". Like loose. wiggles left to right, feels scratchy etc. But it *should* turn over when in neutral by pushing the clutch all the way down, it should start up, you're right.

It's always SOMETHING!! ahhhhhhh

(for me at least)
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2014-04-08 04:58:12
Happens to me too. Frustrating to all end but usually ends up being something small that was looked over ever time. Good luck!

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2014-04-08 05:02:40
You know how the throttle cable attaches to the gas pedal? Is there a washer or nut or something that removes slack that I may have loosened by accident? I cant see anything
2014-04-08 18:46:22
Damnit it's windy and cold out today. thought it was supposed to be nice. im gonna go play with it for awhile
2014-04-08 18:51:37
I'm actually not sure on the pedal. I've never had to mess with it at all. Maybe some one else here has.

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