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Thread: Sr16ve questions.

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2014-03-23 11:16:55
Sr16ve questions.
Has anyone ever bored out the sr16 and kept the stock bottom end? Any dyno results? Thoughts?
2014-03-23 18:29:49
I don't see the point, what are you trying to achieve?

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2014-03-23 18:56:34
I reckon he is trying to achieve the ultimate in high-revving VE goodness, a 92mm x 68.7mm oversquare engine. I see this unicorm in my dreams sometimes. It gallops across the white sand, with a naked virgin riding atop of it!

I thought I heard a rumour that one or two of these projects were under way...of course, maybe that was just a dream too.
2014-03-27 16:52:10
I've wanted to do something like this for a while. No funds though but that eould be pretty kool. Not the same bore I was thinkijg but awesome either way
2014-03-27 17:20:43
This is also a goal of mine. rev to the mooooooon
2014-03-27 17:23:25
Originally Posted by pTen
I don't see the point, what are you trying to achieve?

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Look at racing engines that are made to produce power in the higher RPM. That is the point. Horsepower is work over time, the more time you give, the more power you can make. This is a very simplistic way of understanding how engines work.
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2014-03-27 23:58:41
Just an idea I was toying around with. With the valve train parts available to us, high revving would be no problem. Slap a turbo on it, it would make for a really nice setup.

If I were to do it,
91-92mm bore
Fully built head.
n1 or 16 cams
Q45 tb on stock mani
Equal length t3, maybe gt3071.

Yeah, turbo may be a little large, but it would pay off in the top end.
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2014-05-13 19:59:35
Check out my Sr17ve build .89mm only but its closed to 90mm u want.

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